Happy Halloween! Today I have a little treat for you. It’s the answer to a question that I’ve pulled out of our training vault, Why do I choose to invest in my business?

I am asked all the time why I on earth I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on programs, coaches, and mentors. Many people, most outside this world of entrepreneurship, balk at the massive amounts of money they see me spend on something they don’t see the value in…

I am the first to admit that I’m a self-improvement junkie and seeker of knowledge. I purchase lots of programs to learn specific skills or get better at them because I know they will help me become a better teacher and mentor for our current and future clients.

I am also investing in coaches and mentors to take my hand and walk me through something I know will help move the needle in my business.

Eight weeks ago, I said yes to a coaching program led by Coach Glitter. I didn’t know much about her, however, I knew she’d be speaking at a live event hosted by my long-time friend and mentor, Stacy Tuschl, and she was teaching business owners how to create a brand using video. I jumped in with both feet and I am so glad I did.

These past eight weeks have been nothing short of transformational and not just for my business. The biggest transformations have been internal:

—> The confidence to share my message boldly (something I’ve been avoiding for so many years)

—> Instilling the belief in me that what I want to create IS possible, especially when surrounded by an amazing and supportive high-vibe tribe.

—> Permission to be me, completely, and no holds barred. I cannot begin to tell you how incredibly awesome it is to be in this place of total acceptance of myself!

We’ve opened the doors to Round #3 of Podcast in a Weekend, November 16-18, just in time to capture family memories over Thanksgiving.

If you’re a parent looking to instill these types of transformations (shared above) in your children and to invest in their FUTURE selves, I invite you to SAVE YOUR SEAT.

Your child’s future self as a creator, an innovator, and a leader of the next generation rests with YOU!

What will YOU decide?

Our Young Creators - Yong Pratt - Why do I choose to invest in my business?