What’s a podcast host? Do I really need one? Who do I use? I’ll be answering these questions along with sharing my go-to for podcast hosting on Thursday at 9 AM PST (the new time for LIVE trainings.


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Good morning everyone. Happy Thursday. It is a snowy day here in Northeastern Nevada. So I’m in a new space this morning so I can try to stay a little warmer since the sun is not out in the other room where I normally go live from. As you are tuning in live or catching the replay, let me know where you’re tuning in from today.

Well, it is Thursday and that means it’s time to talk about creating something right here at Our Young Creators. If we haven’t had the privilege of meeting yet, my name is Yong Pratt and I’m the mom of two daughters a lover of coffee and of wine and I am the chief dreamer and podcaster right here at Our Young Creators. Our mission here is to help equip kids with real-world skills so that they can fund their own brighter futures and learn to work side by side with you to create something awesome. Well today, we are continuing our series on the technology that you’re going to need when you launch YOUR podcast. Today we’re going to dive into podcast hosting, and this is a question I get a lot and people ask: who do I use? Why do I use them? What is a host? And, do I really need one?

So let’s start at the top. A podcasting host is a place on the Internet where you store your podcast. You don’t want to put it directly on your website because the file is pretty big, so we want to host it elsewhere in a secure location. And if you have your own website, you are paying for a host as well. Whether that is WordPress, Squarespace or any of the other myriad of places you can host your website these days.

Each of them has a monthly fee or yearly fee, depending on how you want to approach that, where you pay to put all the information on the Internet so people can find you. A podcast host is exactly the same.

And there are a couple on the market and I’ve used a couple of them personally, but I have to tell you that the newest podcast hosting company that I have found is Pippa. After we’re done with this broadcast I will come back and put in the link so you can check out Pippa. Just as a disclaimer, it is an affiliate link meaning if you purchase using my link, you’re going to be buying me a cup of coffee because Pippa will send me a couple of dollars my way if you purchase through that link. So in all honesty, I wanted to make sure you knew that and also to let you know that I would never recommend a product I haven’t personally used or you know believe in 100 percent so, just know that this particular hosting company is the best that I have found.

I recently switched my podcast from another host because 1: their lack of service or the time between when I asked a question and when I was getting a response was pretty delayed. By the time we go back and forth five or six times in an email, I found my answers weren’t getting resolved in a timely manner, and I was getting really frustrated. There was also an issue where my podcasts, There were about half of them, that read published after I simply went in to edit a couple of things in the podcast itself. So, between having to delete all the duplicates and then just the frustration with not being able to reach somebody right away, I actually received an email from Simon Marcus, who is the CEO of Pippa, and who I had the privilege of interviewing on Monday for that podcast as well as a little demo for those people who are going to be in my upcoming Podcasting Family course which is launching April 1st.

Ok, so back to hosting. So, I use Pippa and really it is as easy as me recording the podcast, editing that, and putting it in the proper format which is MP3. That is the proper format for places like iTunes and now, Spotify.

And if you missed the announcement earlier this week, my podcast, or our podcast, Our Young Creators was accepted to be a podcast over on Spotify. So if you are Spotify user, please head over there and follow us and let us know what you would like to hear more of over there. If there’s a message on the podcast that you think someone you might know, a friend a family member might enjoy hearing, please share the podcast with them. I would be ever so grateful for that. So, podcast hosting and I see I have someone on live.

Let me see if I can go over here. I’ve had a bit of technical delays on my end. I don’t know if it’s the snow this morning or this new office space that I’m in this morning, but everything seems to be running really sluggishly and I’m not able to see.  Let me see if I can go over here. Going to move this computer here and see who it is. All right, I want to make sure though that I hit mute so I don’t get that feedback sorry about that.

All right. If you are watching live let me know and say hi. I would love to say hi back and do a little chat with you after the podcast ends. And if you have questions please go ahead and type in your questions and I’ll make sure I answer them live or I’ll come back and the answer them after we wrap. Okay, So we’re talking about podcast hosting so podcast host again is like a website host. It’s basically a safe place online where you store all of your information. In this case, you’re storing all your audio files in a safe place, so they’re all under one roof. From there, you can share them on your website, You can share them on social media.

Hi Stacy!

So good to see you! Stacy and I had the privilege of chatting just yesterday and she has an amazing podcast coming out soon so be on the lookout for that. All right. So a podcast host again plays for you store your stuff. From there, you can share it out like on your website or on social media, and it just makes the process really easy to syndicate or share your message on multiple platforms on my old podcast host, it was really a manual process if I wanted to share the podcast on Google Play, or if I wanted to share it on I Heart Radio or those other platform where podcasts live, it was all very manual. but on Pippa, what I love is that when you go live and you connect everything up with iTunes, which again was a pretty seamless process, and Simon, the CEO, literally held my hand on their live chat and walked me through the challenges that I was having, and he made the process so enjoyable, which sounds crazy because it was a big process. So my advice on this one is to pick a host that you are going to be at for a good length of time because it is quite a chore to take your podcast from one place and put it somewhere else. Pippa, like I said, makes it really really easy once I upload my podcast, I connect it to iTunes.

Our Young Creators | Podcast | Podcast HostIt distributes them across multiple platforms. Google Play, I Heart Radio, and there’s a number of platforms now even including Spotify, where you can syndicate your podcast which makes the sharing process so much easier. Something else I love about Pippa, there’s actually there’s quite a few things, but two other things I want to tell you about.  Before I found Pippa, I should back up and say I had signed up for a transcription service, so every week after I would do a podcast or a live video, I would send that video to the transcription service and they would transcribe all of my audio into text so I could then put that text over on my website on the blog, so I actually had some text content as well. The cool thing that Pippa does is that they have an internal transcription service which is really cool because you can literally upload your podcast there. When you’re done, you can press the transcribe button and it will transcribe for you. You’ll get an email notification when that is done, and then you have to just go back in and edit out any words that didn’t quite come across as clearly as you might have hoped. And because I speak really fast, sometimes the words come out a little more “jumbuly” and I just need to go fix those things.

So that’s one cool thing that Pippa does. You can then download that and put that on your website for your blog post which is lovely. And then the next thing Pippa does is they have a tool called the snipper tool and this is really cool. This makes resharing your podcast, and portions of your podcast really efficient. So once the transcription is done, this snipper tool allows you to go in and choose a 10 to a 20-second clip. Basically, you highlight the words you want and it creates an audio and video file. So it’s a little wave file so if you’ve ever seen this on the Internet , maybe on Instagram is the first place I saw this where it’s a still image but there’s words going across the image like a video or you know the way files are moving up and down. So it takes your still words and creates video, which is brilliant. By using this snipper tool, you’re then able to get more repurposing out of a single podcast episode because you can take soundbites. Maybe it’s the intro, maybe it’s the outro, maybe you have a guest on the show and they have a great quote that you love to share with your audience on social media, in e-mail, etcetera, You can literally go in there and grab that clip snip it out and then share it on social media.

So good.

Okay, my friends. So that just about wraps up podcast hosting. Again, a podcast host is a secure place online where you store your information and then will syndicate out to different platforms and share your podcasts so more people have access to it. And the place that I use personally is called Pippa and again, after we wrap up I will come back in and put my link, yes my affiliate, link for that so you can check it out. Because honestly, after years of podcasting, I have not found an easier platform to use and I have not found this amazing level of service and that’s huge. Being able to chat directly with somebody when you’re having trouble, and you’re having a challenge is priceless, and not to mention the pricing for Pippa. Get this, is $12  per month and you can host multiple podcasts inside your account. So that is amazing. I mean, think about that. $12 to be able to share your message with thousands of people on multiple platforms. I mean that is certainly a win-win. So go check them out. I encourage you to see what they’re all about. Reach out to Simon. Reach out to his staff over on that chat feature. Let him know that I sent you and I told him I was going to be sending people his way to check out the amazing things they are doing. And now the episode with Simon will be coming out in the next 5, 6 weeks or so.

Over on the podcast, before I forget, I wanted to let you know that it’s not too late to enter yourself into our drawing for a $25 Amazon gift card. All you have to do is head over to iTunes, and again I’ll place that link below, and when you go over there if you leave us a rating and a review. Screenshot that so we know who you are because sometimes people’s iTunes names are not the same as their actual name and that’s the case with me as well, so make sure you know what I know who you are so that I can get you entered into that drawing, and we’re going to leave this open until the end of the month. So there is plenty of time to get yourself into the drawing pot for that Amazon gift card. All right, my friends. If you have any questions about podcast hosting, about Pippa specifically or anything else, please comment below and let me know. I will come back and answer any questions that you have. Stacy, thank you so much for tuning in live. I really am looking forward to seeing your podcast launch very soon as well. All right. Have an awesome Thursday I will catch you very soon. Cheers!