2018 has been such an incredible year! Thank you for being part of this amazing journey – for your support, encouragement, feedback, and sharing your success stories!

When we re-launched/rebranded the podcast to Our Young Creators on Valentine’s day, my intention was to release one podcast per week. Instead, we were inspired by one of our biz besties to set the goal of creating 100 episodes this year and so we did.

This is episode 199 of Our Young Creators – The Podcast and we’re revealing the top 10 most downloaded episodes of the year.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s 200 episode (our last for 2018) and find out what’s in store for the new year.

Number 10

The number 10 most downloaded episode is number 107 – Let’s bond not bicker over time spent on devices.

This episode was kind of a call to arms and really our mission here about using our devices as tools for bonding with her kids and not bickering. We started talking about this idea very early on at the beginning of this year as we dove in it to Our Young Creators and being an online business.

Number 9

Episode 174 – Where do you hang out all day?

This was an episode all about talking your zone of genius. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, definitely head over to episode number 174 and find out what that means for you and how it can change things for you moving forward.

Number 8

Episode 108 – Life and academic skills through podcasting.

We broke down the skills that your kids could learn through the art of podcasting. If you’re curious, definitely head over to the episode. It’s one of my favorites as far as really opening the doors for parents and kids to understand that our devices and access to the devices that we have, can really be a benefit for kids to be able to share their message and learn all sorts of important skills through podcasting.

Number 7

Episode 105 – Why now is the perfect time to start a podcast.

This was a series we created right at the beginning of our journey here. It took me a while to figure out that this is really what we wanted to teach, but that’s another story that I shared on the episode right before this, #198. Definitely go back and take a listen to that to hear about all of the discoveries we’ve made in 2018.

So why now is a perfect time to start a podcast?

And I truly believe that. There is no better time than the present to do something that you’ve wanted to do – to challenge yourself; to brand yourself; to help your kids learn about their voice is important.

There are lots of reasons why a podcast can be beneficial for you and why now is the best time to start.

Number 6

Episode 103 – How to choose a topic for your podcast.

This is a question we get all the time because people always say, well I don’t even know what I would talk about on a podcast. On episode 103, I talk about the ways in which you can discover what you want to talk about and what your podcast can be about. And literally, I’m here to tell you that it can be about anything.

When I was doing some research about the different types of podcasts, there was literally everything. There was a podcast I found that was recorded at the laundromat. There are podcasts for hunters and explorers, and parents, and moms and dads, and learning marketing. There is literally everything under the sun. So go have a listen to episode number 103.

If you need to help figuring out what you want to talk about on your podcast.

Number 5

Episode number 125 – Why podcasting and challenge for you.

On this episode, I presented a little challenge that gave you something special if you took me up on that challenge. Definitely, if you’re curious about what the challenge was and how you can get a gift from me, have a listen to episode number 125 where we talk about why you would even want to start your own podcast.

Number 4

Episode 101 – Welcome to Our Young Creators podcast.

It was the very first one we did this year. We relaunched and rebranded the podcast and we had our launch party on Valentine’s Day, February 14, and this was the fourth most downloaded episode of the year number.

Number 3

Episode 104 – The four letter word that stops most would be podcasters in their tracks.

I bet you already know this four letter word is. If you want to find out the answer, head over to Episode 104 and find out if your hunch was correct.

Number 2

Episode 116 – OYC Welcomes Simon Marcus.

This was one of our first guests of the new year and the new podcast. This is an interview we did with Simon Marcus. Simon is the CEO of my favorite new podcasting platforms called Pippa.* If you have questions about Pippa *or want to get started or know why I switched from another really big podcast host to Pippa,* I’m happy to answer those questions for you. You can go take a listen to episode 116 and then if you have any further questions. Definitely reach out to me either on Facebook or Instagram at Our Young Creators.

*affiliate link – If you purchase services from Pippa via this link, they may send me a small commission – thank you in advance for that cup of coffee!

Number 1

If you’ve been listening to the podcast over the past couple weeks, you probably already know what our number one most downloaded episode is because I spoke all about it on episode 194 – talking about kids and creativity.

The number one most downloaded episode literally has four times as many downloads as number two and so on. It’s interesting to me because it’s episode number 011 of the podcast – Are schools killing your kids creativity?

Now we ran this same episode on both versions of the Raising smART kids Podcast – Raising smART kids and then Raising smART kids 2.0 and then we released it again right here on Our Young Creators because you know how much I love to repurpose and reuse great content, right?

It’s really interesting to me that I first released this episode way back in 2013. And here we are in 2018 and it is still the most downloaded episode of our entire podcast history. You definitely want to take a listen to Episode number 11.

I am going to put all of these episodes and the links I mentioned in this episode over on our website, OurYoungCreators.com/199.

Tomorrow, I’m going to release episode number 200 of a podcast and talk about what is coming up in 2019 for us here at Our Young Creators and for the podcast. I look forward to catching you right back here tomorrow.

Have an amazing day. Cheers my friends!