The podcast has landed!

I repeat, the podcast has landed!

[Spring Creek, NV]

On Wednesday, February 14, 2018, the new iteration of the Podcast – Our Young Creators – landed in iTunes and various other locations across planet internet.

Daphne, my 11-year-old co-creator, and I hosted a virtual launch party on Facebook to celebrate. Live attendees joined in on the fun and were even gifted items Daphne spun for them on our prize wheel.

Here’s a recap of the party [text transcription and video below for your enjoyment]

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The newest podcast episode, 101, can be enjoyed right HERE. At the end, you’ll hear Daphne, and her sweet little voice, as she shares ourΒ newest program, Become a Podcasting Family.

This 5-week course for the whole family will walk you and your kiddos step-by-step through creating a podcast from start to finish. Ready to Become a Podcasting Family? Find out by clicking the image below.


Hello everyone.

It is time to get this party started! We are excited that you’re here today.

We’re gonna dance it up for a few moments.

Hello everyone. Welcome, welcome, welcome.

We’re so glad you are here today. As you are tuning in live, say hi and let us know in the comments that you are here. When you do that, you’re going to get an opportunity to spin the prize wheel so make sure that we know who you are.

I’m going to take a look over here on Facebook and see who is joining us over here. Right.

Hi Heather. Hi Julie.

Good to see you guys. I’m so glad you guys are here and that you’re joining us live for our virtual party. We’re loving these party blowers. I only wish they made that amazing sound like the old school party blowers used to. We haven’t seen those for a very long time, right?

Ok. Well, we’re going to do some quick introductions just in case we haven’t met you yet.

Oh, hi Candie!.

Good to see you guys. So glad you made it. Well welcome. Today is a very special day right, Daphne?.

What is today? It is podcast re-launch day.

Today we released Episode number 101 of Our Young Creators – the podcast. We previously ran the podcast as Raising smART Kids 2.0 but because we have so many amazing new things happening here Our Young Creators, we want to make sure that we could really create a brand and create a movement that really encompassed everything that we do here. Candie says, “Wahoo!”


Hello. So behind us, we have our prize wheel.

In just a little bit, we will actually be spinning that to see what kind of prizes you guys can get sent to him in your mailbox. So, all right so if we haven’t met yet, my name is Yong Pratt, and I am the Chief Dreamer and Changemaker right here at Our Young Creators and as you can see I’m joined today by…

This is Daphne.

This is my co-creator for the podcast and really the inspiration behind why we’re here today at Our Young Creators.

Daphne, can you tell them a little bit about what we do together? She reminds me a lot of myself a couple of years ago when the thought of getting on a video and then listening to the playback of that video is kind of nerve-racking. It doesn’t feel very comfortable. So Daphne prefers to do that behind the scenes work at the podcast and on the website. So definitely you want to go and check out what she is up to.

Daphne, what is your favorite thing that you do here at Our Young Creators?

What do you like to create?

Artwork. Yes, Daphne is a master at creating the artwork or the memes that go onto our Facebook page as well as over on Instagram and also on our website.

The first thing I would love for you to do, I would love for you guys to take a selfie of yourself and pop it in the comments so we can meet one another. I don’t know if we all know each other or not so. I posted a picture of yourself at her desk, laying on your bed, wherever you are watching this video from today.

We would love to see a selfie of you in the comments below.

We’ll give you a few minutes to do that. We’re going to turn on some music. I love that Facebook now allows for us to play their music and we were laughing earlier because the song titles are really funny.

What was the name of the last one we listened to?

80s Cheese Informercial. A little louder, maybe. 80s cheese infomercial. It was the 80s cheese infomercial. And when I was listening to songs there’s one on there called Twerk. Really, really interesting names. If you haven’t gone live on Facebook and used the Facebook sounds, they are pretty hilarious. Let me see if I can play us another song here while you’re posting your selfies.

Maybe it’s going to play. There it is. It might help if I turn the volume on.

Dance it up where you are as well.

All right! We’ve got a picture of Julie.

Oh, Heather, that’s a good question. I don’t know how to do that from the phone. I don’t often post things from my phone. I usually use my laptop. So that’s a great question. I’m not sure how you do that.

Does anyone else know who’s on here how to post a selfie? Well, I guess maybe under comments. If you go under comments of this video, you should be able to add something right there and you should be able to take a picture I think. But. Let me know how that works. Oh

Yes. Daphne’s cuing me.

Oh okay. No worries. So here’s the next thing we would like for you to do.Β  This might work a little easier.

We would like for you to post a gif of what you do. What do you do every day? How do you serve the world?.

Post a picture below you should be able to add a gif (or an emoji or something). Oh, yes and emoji or a gif. Post a gif or an emoji below to let us know what you do in the world. We’re going to crank up the tunes.

No gif options either, Candie? Oh, my goodness. Facebook is making this so hard for us today. We have all sorts of game planned gifs so we may have to be a little bit creative here on what we can do with you. All right. I need a push pause because before I get thrown in Facebook jail by playing a song that is not one of theirs, heaven forbid, I want to make sure I push pause.

Yeah, we definitely don’t want to play this song for sure. Okay.

All right so, Daphne, can you tell everyone what we do here at Our Young Creators? What are the things that you’re learning to do with me?.

Yes, emojis work rate. Let me head back over here

To Facebook. I have two computers side by side today so I feel a little bit scattered.

All right. Candie’s all about the…

What does Candie do? She’s all about the money.

Yes, Candie. I know you I know you help business owners find that money in their business. Find out where it goes and help them to be able to track it properly.

Awesome awesome. Heather, is that a wolf that you posed?. Or maybe it’s a dog.

Daphne what do you what do you think?

Daphne, what do you think that Julie does?

Can you tell? I know Julie and I know that she loves to have fun with families and help them find joy and find time and be meaningful in their relationships.

Yes. And Heather’s also about the…Money. Yes. Heather is an accountant. So Candie and Heather if you guys don’t know each other you definitely should chat sometime to see how you can help one another in your businesses since you guys offer different types of services.

Julie, I’m laughing yet yourΒ  image posted about the life coach. Yeah I don’t want to do that either. So. So

Funny. OK

So here’s what we’re going to do. We are going to show you a couple of the things we have on our prize today and we’re going to spin for some prizes

Daphne do want to show them. We do you want to show them first

So what are the prices we have on this price wheel?

Well, first of all, I should back up and say, Daphne helped me to curate and gather all these different prizes – things that we thought you might enjoy in your business as you’re building your business as you’re laying down to sleep at night as really you’re spending time with your kids as well.

We wanted to make sure that we gave you some great things that you can do all that with. So the first thing we have here is this beautiful journal so that you can plan, you can dream and you can even make lists. However you like to organize your time or your day, you have a beautiful journal to put that in.

What else do we have? Yes, we have a number of different books. I love gifting books. And often when I go into a bookstore I pick up multiple copies of books that have made really an impact in my life. And I love to share those with friends especially other entrepreneurs. So the first one Daphne held up was the power of focus and that is a Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series as well as Less Hewitt. I’ve had the privilege of seeing all these men live and attend their workshops and I cannot speak highly enough of the amazing things they are putting out into the world.

Can they see that one? I don’t know if it’s backward on your end. This next book is by a mentor of mine

And it’s one that I really struggle with personally and I know lots of other parents and entrepreneurs in particular struggle with this and that is The Myth of Multitasking. Now Dave is a production and systems guru and I had the privilege of working with him for about half a year to really put in some systems into the business and make sure that I was running efficiently. And so I’m ever so grateful for the first thing we had to do was get over this multitasking idea. All right.

Next book we have is another. Dave Crenshaw book and this was actually signed by Dave. I attended his live conference in Salt Lake City. And I love that he talks about how to be a focused business owner. Definitely something so near and dear to all of our hearts. And sometimes when you’re out there doing your thing every day, it’s a little hard to stay focused. So this book is definitely one that is a great read and so actionable.

All right what else do we have?

The camera may take a few minutes to adjust here. So we have a water bottle and this is a water bottle from my performing arts academy so the logo is on there. These are great to have your car and as you are traveling around.

Oh and then these are probably my favorite things on the prize wheel and here they are. These are

some Daphne originals. She has created some great things and we’re going up pop these into the mail for you.

if you win these prizes. She loves creating so we were able to share some things that can brighten more days. All. Right.

And what else do we have? We have a couple other things we have.

We have something else from my performing arts academy. And this is our travel coffee mug and it is so great so if you happen to land on this we will pop this in the mail to you.

The couple of other things that are on the cards. We are up for grabs are some 1:1 chats with me so we can chat about working with your kids, starting a podcast, how to repurpose what you’re already doing your business. You lots of fun things with our clients and we definitely have that to be one of the prize wheel. And what else do we have? We have. Oh, we have a couple of Starbucks gift cards up for grabs and we also have $50 off our Become a Podcasting Family course which launches very soon. OK. So

Daphne do you want to spin the prize wheel? Let’s see WHO is the first person? I think Julie was the first person to pop on.

Yes. Coffee coffee coffee is always a great thing.

Julie thank you.

Candie. Absolutely. I would love to chat about school programs because what we have coming up with a podcast and really this idea of helping kids to learn skills that they can not only use now in their lives but they can carry forward with them and they can get paid for them. So definitely talking about setting kids up for success; helping them to not only earn money how to manage their money but then how to be able to invest in things like college or travel. So definitely we should talk for sure. OK.

So, Daphne, I think Julie was the first person I saw, let me scroll down the comments. Yep, Julie was the first person to hop on our live so we’re going to spin. Julie this is for you. So, Julie, I don’t think you can read the prize from here. What did she win Daphne?

Fifty dollars OFF Podcasting family course.

So this is a great one for you because Julie I know you have kiddos who already help you in your business. Being able to throw in a podcast into that mix, giving them some ownership about what they’re creating, and what they can really do and through the world with – awesome. I will connect with you after we’re off this live and let you know all the details of that as well.

So alright! Let me make sure that we write down. I’m going to have Daphne record everything just so I make sure I don’t forget anything after I get off this call. Because my girl like to remind me that I’m really forgetful. They’ll tell me things and I think that they don’t and they’ll say Mom we told you three times or five times or seven times and they tell me all the time I have.

Have early-onset Alzheimer’s which is a little scary but they think it’s really funny that I forget everything they have to remind me. So thank you for writing that down Daphne.

All right. Heather. You were number two to hop on the live so this one’s for you.

Woo, Heather! What are we going to send her Daphne? One of mine.

Yeah, we’re going to send you a Daphne original. Before we hopped online today Daphne was upstairs creating things specifically you for those of you who are here with me today. So we’re going to surprise you. We’re going to surprise you and let you let you open that and find out what it is that she has created for you.

All right. Sorry, I’m losing track of my comments here. Let me go over here and make sure…Uh, oh. What’s happening here? My screensaver is on. OK. Sorry about that.

Apparently, I need to move the mouse a little bit more because my screen screensaver came on thinking that I was not using the computer. So, note to self: next time screensaver needs to get turned off. All right. Awesome. Awesome OK.

All righ, Candie, this next one is for you!

And Candie, you have a book coming your way. And after we get off of our

Live today, I’ll reach out and you can tell me which of those books that you would like to add to your library. And we’ll get those. We’ll get that send out to you as well. Right.

Heather Yes I love mail. Isn’t it great to actually get (especially lumpy mail right) when things are coming to you. And I feel like we’re so into this digital world that mail is really a treat these days not the junk mail kind but the stuff from a friend.

That’s always great.OK. Awesome, awesome.

Oh, yeah, Daphne wants to show you are the books again Candie and she can help you decide here. We have three different ones up for grabs. So we have this first look by Dave Crenshaw the Myth of Multitasking. We have the Power Of Focus – Jack Canfield, Mark Victor-Hansen, and Les Hewlett. Or we have the Focused Business. So just let me know again I will reach out to but if you want to pop it into a comment that would be great, too.

Yes Heather, mail snail mail is pretty few and far between these days. Even my girls look forward to mail these days. It’s pretty fun.

Yes. Awesome. Awesome. All right. So give me just a moment.

Yeah. Daphne is just writing down.

Hey if you’re on your phone and you want to come live, I wonder if I can have you side by side with me?

I’m on my computer so I don’t know if I’m able to do that or not. At any rate if you have questions about

this new version of the podcast, about podcasting in general, working with your kids, getting your family involved or any other questions maybe you have for Daphne, we would love to answer those. I’m going to turn on some more music while you typing those in the comments and we’re going to dance it up!

It’s a super windy blustery day today reminds me a little bit of Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin and when they go into the woods. He talks about having it be a blustery day. I don’t know which book that is.

Do you know? The Hundred Acre Wood? Something along those lines anyway right.

We’re going to play this other song.

Yeah, Heather that’s what I was thinking too. I actually have another piece of software I use here but I didn’t prep it in time to bring you on live. For future lives and party versions will have to do that as well. And Daphne you went to go and grab the cat which is a little funny.

She’s so proud of this cat. It is my girls’ favorite snuggly thing. So she’s coming to party with us to eventually. Maybe we’ll get lucky and she’ll start purring for you all. She really is the sweetest cat and she loves to sit and help us do homework and help us work.

Any questions we can answer for you? Let me make sure I head over here and then look at the comments.

Oh thank you Julie. Yes we love her.

This is Eleanor.

Yes Heather, we love Winnie the Pooh.

How do you know which book it is or where which chapter did or something where he talks about the blustery days in the windy Woods or is that just sort of an ongoing thing? I don’t remember.

It’s been a long time since I have done I have done Winnie the Pooh with my kids.

Julie I will send you the link for the course as soon as we’re done here. I had a couple of technical glitches, which is always funny you just say, because I love my tech but sometimes tech doesn’t like to work together and work the way that I would like it to all the time. So I will let you know who we’re done with this as soon as that link is ready.

So let me tell you a little bit about this course. It is a five week live course where we are going to hop on live once a week to do a lesson as well as take action on some steps in the podcast. Every week you’re going to be getting a checklist of things to get done that week to help us keep track and make sure that we can launch your podcast in just five weeks. We’re going to meet a second time during the week and that is for a study hall session. That is where you’re going to bring your questions, any challenges, any concerns you have with what we covered that week. And we’re going to work side by side. Daphne’s going to be there as well. So if you have kids joining they can ask her questions because they might feel more comfortable asking her questions than me. So she’s going to be there for this study hall sessions and she’s learning these things as well. So

it’s great for her to be able to really become a leader in this setting and help mentor other kids to help them get to where she is so they can help their parents really start creating some more awesomeness for their business or really on a personal level create a podcast that documents the growing up of your kids.

Now I’m going to pop a link over here in the comments and we just posted our

101th –Β  101th? Our one hundred and first episode of the podcast today and at and you’re going to hear this sweet little girl and her little voice. And I love listening to it. I got a little weepy when I was editing it for production because I just couldn’t be more proud of what she’s doing and the fact that I get to preserve her little voice as she grows up and grows into these new skills is something that I can certainly treasure as well so so much fun.

Let’s see. Let me make sure this is the right for you.

Ok. So the link for that is a link for Our Young Creators. And you can check out the end of a podcast on there, we really dive into sort of what we’re doing here on the podcast and this podcast is really – there’s a couple of reasons we’re doing it. One is we want to be able to get kids like Daphne, a forum and a safe space to share what they’re creating. Wo we’re going to be bringing on kids from all walks of life who are creating some awesome things in their world that we want to be able to share with all of you. And so we’ll have interviews with kids and feature them.

And we’re also going to be bringing on experts and guests from all walks and all ages as well to really help paint a picture of what is possible as far as creating with our kids.

Upcoming we have Simon, who is the CEO of a software that I now using called Pippa, which hosts my podcast and he is a software developer and he’s really going talk about that process and what it looks like and how to help kids take that path if they want to do it.

Julie thank you so much. I’m so glad you were here and come back and listen to the end of the podcast too because I have another opportunity for you all to win a gift card from Amazon.

Oh yes. Candie this is a kitty and Candie I know you have puppies our doggie in the other room. Now he’s probably sad that we’re not sitting next to him so he can lay on us. All right.

Ok so I know your time is so valuable I want to thank you all for being here. Before we go I want to make sure that you know that we have a 25 dollar Amazon gift card for that we have up for grabs. And anyone that leaves as a review for the podcast over at iTunes, I’ll pop that link in you in here as soon as we wrap. Take a screenshot of your review post it here. and just know it takes about 24 hours for that to show up. I’m going to draw. I’m going to put all your names into a hat. Daphne is going to draw a winner of that 25 dollar gift card. And we are going to do that this weekend probably on Saturday which is my birthday and I want to be able to give you a gift as well. So again I’ll pop that link here so you can go and leave a review over on iTunes and maybe win that 25 dollar Amazon gift card.

OK ladies thank you so much for hanging out with us. For celebrating with us and really being on this journey on adventure here as Our Young Creators.

I will talk to you all very soon. If you have any questions please pop them below. I will come back again and answer anything that you need answered. All right. All right everyone thank you so much. Have a lovely rest of your Wednesday. Happy Valentine’s Day to you. I will catch you again tomorrow for our weekly live training tomorrow 1:15 p.m. Pacific Time. All right ladies have a good rest your day.

Oh Eleanor saying good bye as well.

Heather thank you. Yes. Saturday we’re going to celebrate. I want to make sure I get some gifts away on that day to you. All right. Bye.