Welcome to day #3 of our Strategies for a Successful Summer Video Series. Today we’re chatting about working smarter, not harder, and how this ONE strategy changed EVERYTHING in my business (especially what I no longer do inside my business).

On this retake (I think version 7 or so), I’m joined by my youngest, Daphne, and our baby cat, Eleanor. I did leave up the original video to show you that not everything goes according to plan. The best we can do is keep going, be flexible, and create an alternate plan.

Summer is all about slowing down, taking time to enjoy our kids, and yet, still get work done to grow our own businesses or help our kids start or grow theirs.

Do you have a strategy in place to do this? You can copy my strategy and we can do it TOGETHER.

After so many requests and questions about this ONE strategy, I’ve created something special just for you. Comment below or message me.

Get all the details in today’s Strategies for a Successful Summer.