As a busy mama of 2 and an entrepreneur (hubby and I have 3 businesses), I resisted this idea for SO long because, well, it’s #backwards (at least from the outside).

What I’m realizing more and more lately is that when I’m feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and am in constant “busy” mode, I don’t get any real work done.

Sure, staying busy feels good on some level, however, being busy for the sake of being busy is a waste of time.

When I start experiencing days when I feel the pressure of getting things done, especially if these things aren’t moving the needle forward, I need to step away, change my physical state, or my location.

And then MAGIC happens…

Find out what happened recently when I slowed down and in doing so, what I’ve created that I’ve been dreaming of since I was little.

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Slowing Down To Speed Up with Yong Pratt

Have YOU ever slowed down to speed up? Let me know in the comments below.