Become a Podcasting Family at Our Young Creators
Want to get your kids OFF their devices? What if there's a better way?

At Our Young Creators, we believe that technology is not inherently bad and need not be avoided. In fact, we believe that technology can be used as a common language between parent and child. We believe Intentional Technology can help you bond and not bicker with your kids.

Our Young Creators equips kids with the knowledge to use technology to help others and change lives, especially their own lives by funding their own life adventures from college to travel.

The very FIRST Intentional Technology Course for the entire family, Becoming a Podcasting Family is now open for enrollment. The course kicks off in mid-June 2018.

In just 8 weeks, your kiddos (and YOU) will gain real-world, marketable skills to create and produce a professional podcast - skills that your kids can take to the bank!

Ready to dive into Intentional Technology and Become a Podcasting Family at Our Young Creators and invest in your kiddo's future? 

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What's a podcast?
A podcast is an audio show that can be shared with others on platforms such as iTunes and Stitcher Radio. Listeners can download episodes directly to a smartphone, tablet, or computer to be enjoyed at any time. Podcast hosts share their expertise, their stories, their triumphs, interview guests, and more. Each podcast is released on a set schedule (i.e., daily, weekly, etc.).

Podcast listenership is on the rise as are the number of people creating podcasts. New opportunites such as getting your podcast listed and being referred on platforms like Alexa and Google Home, make podcasting all the more applealing. NOW is absolutely the right time to start YOUR podcast. 

Want an example of a weekly podcast?

Check out Miss Yong's Podcast HERE.

Brighter futures begin with brighter beginnings...
  • There's no question that Becoming a Podcasting Family can absolutely open doors for your kiddo...

  • Learning the art of Podcasting may even help your child pay for life adventures including college...

  • Your child's brighter future begins...TODAY. What are you waiting for???

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Who's Teaching this Course? 
Miss Yong and her 11-year old Daphne will be your guides on this podcasting adventure.

Miss Yong, Chief Dreamer, is a tech-savvy business owner of 17 years, a former professional dancer, world traveler, multiple degree holder, podcaster, author, and all around curious soul. 

Miss Daphne is the 11-year old dynamo that was the inspiration behind Our Young Creators. She's a podcast co-creator, a sister, and tech-savvy kid that loves to read, perform on stage, and snuggle up with her many pets.

Welcome to the world of Intentional Technology at Our Young Creators.

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