Our Young Creators - The Podcast - Equipping Kids with Real-World Skills

Our Young Creators - The Podcast

Equipping kids with real-world skills to create and fund their own brighter futures
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Now is the time to teach kids to create and fund their own futures!

Parenting is tougher than ever these days!  As a mom of 2, I know the challenges parenting brings and we’re here to serve YOU at Our Young Creators!


On Feb 14, 2018, the Raising smART Kids 2.0 podcast became Our Young Creators – a podcast, a training center, and a movement to equip kids with real-world, marketable skills (like podcasting) so they can create and FUND their own brighter futures.


Here at Our Young Creators, we’re creating a platform for kids and adults alike to share their unique gifts, talents, and creations. A place to dream big and get inspiration from guest experts, educators, and fellow parents and business owners from all walks of life. OYC is also a gathering place to receive support and encouragement as we raise this next generation of creators.

We wrapped up 2018 with 200 episodes under our belt and will return to the airwaves mid-late January 2018.

This Podcast is a passion project that combines 20 years as an educator, 17 years as an entrepreneur working with thousands of kids and families, graduate school research, and most importantly, my journey as a mom.
Ready for a partner in this online adventure and build your business? I’d be honored to walk alongside you.

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My mission is to help parents just like you, raise smarter and more confident kids that become the leaders, business owners and innovators for the next generation. By combining my passions for the arts and technology, we’re equipping kids with real-world skills and opportunities.

By taking these skills, applying them in the real world by using their gifts and talents to help others, kids can learn to fund their own futures alongside our art and tech creation mentors.

I’ve been teaching my own daughters using our Intentional Technology Methods for several years and what they can now do and create is nothing short of amazing! They are now on my payroll and apply skills they’ve learned such as video editing, graphic design, podcasting, and website development.