Last week on the podcast and on FB Live, I shared with you that we’ll be offering a new line our course focused on equipping kids with marketable skills based around technology. Our new line of offerings is called “Intentional Technology.”

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Why Arts & Technology?

Starting in mid-November, I’ll be combining my passion for the arts, my love of technology, and 20 years of mentoring kids and offering short, intensive workshops designed to teach what I like to call, Intentional Technology. The purpose of these workshops is to equip kids with marketable skills to fund their own life adventures like a car, travel, or college.

As we move into 2018, we’ll continue to offer music lessons along with specialty dance classes and private lessons.

Growing Creators at Our Young Creators - Yong Pratt

Kids Can Create Using Technology

I’ve been helping fellow business owners better understand and utilize their technology for several years now (website, podcasts, video, blogging, and more). Over the past 6 months, I’ve been doing some experimenting and teaching these some of these same skills to Daphne, my 11 year old.

So far we’ve covered basic websites, installing podcasts on a websites, adding keywords to creating images for the web, and much more…

I now know with absolute certainty, that kids this age are more than capable of learning these types of technology.

Kids Spending Too Much Time on Devices?

Most parents I chat with share an all too common struggle…they want to know HOW to get kids off their devices.

Can you relate? As a momma of 11 and 14 year old daughters, I see how kids are drawn to their devices. They’re watching endless hours of videos on YouTube; chatting with friends via text or social media apps; viewing other people’s posts on Instagram or Pinterest, playing games, and the like.

What if we could teach kids to share their own creations rather than observing or obsessing what others (often strangers) are posting to their profiles?

Equipping Kids with Marketable Skills to Fund their Own Futures - Yong Pratt

What is they could learn to create own videos, their own websites, their own podcast, their own music???


That’s exactly what we’ll be doing starting in November.

We believe that instead of getting kids off technology, we TEACH them how to use technology intentionally, hence our moniker, Intentional Technology.

We want to equip kids with marketable skills to start their own businesses or at the minimum, earn money to pay for their own life adventures. Whether those adventures include summer camps, travel, a car, or college, we want to help you, help your kids make those dreams a reality!!!

Ready to get your kid into an Intentional Technology workshop?


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Our very first Intentional Technology Workshop is Podcast Kids. In just 4 weeks, we’ll teach 10 local kids ages 10-18 the marketable skill of Podcasting.

Your kiddos will be mentored by Miss Yong, a seasoned podcaster. Check out her podcast HERE.

During this workshop, kids will learn all aspects of putting together a podcast – recording, editing, creating artwork, and sharing a podcast on platforms like iTunes for the world to enjoy. They’ll even have an opportunity to be a GUEST on Miss Yong’s podcast.

I currently hire people to do most of this work for me so I know there is a market for this type of work. Podcasting is a marketable skill and with platforms like Alexa emerging, the need for proficient podcast editors is going to explode!

It’s my belief that by combining kids’ desires to use technology and equipping them with marketable skills like podcasting, together, we can help kids express themselves authentically.
 – Yong Pratt

As a parent, I want my kids to know that who they are, what they do, and what they contribute to the world matter. Through Intentional Technology Workshops, kids can not only help others share their messages through the skills they’ll learn, but more importantly, they can help themselves in the process.

Once we launch this workshop officially in 2018, the tuition will be $397 per workshopper. Since this is the first time we’re offering this workshop before it become an international online offering, the workshop is only $247!

Register for Podcast Kids Today!

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You can save $150 on Podcast Kids when you register by November 15.

The class will officially begin on Tuesday, November 22 at 4 PM.

Ready to give your kids a brighter future? One that includes self-sufficiency and a way to fund their dreams?

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Ok my friends. Let’s team up and give our kids an opportunity to learn Podcasting and get them using technology intentionally.

Click HERE to register for Podcast Kids

P..S. We have loads more Intentional Technology Workshops coming in the new year including website creation, video creation, business building for kids, and much, much more!!!