096 – What If? [4 of 4]

Happy December Art Smart Parents! Can you believe that in less than four weeks we are going to be looking at a brand new year?


Well, I don’t know about you but 2017 turned out to be an incredibly full year with lots of changes and pivots. Now sometimes those changes and pivots can feel a bit scary. But I have to tell you that as I look to 2018 I am more excited about my business than ever. And that says a lot after 17 years in business.


What about you? Are you ready for 2018?


Well, today is part number four of our four-part series all about “What if Wednesday” where we spend a few minutes together to dream bigger for our kids and help them to become creators that we know they were put on this planet to be and help them to create their own brighter futures.


Ok, with that being said here is the final part of our four-part series at the raising smart kids 2.0 podcast on what if Wednesday. Cheers.


Hello everyone and Happy Wednesday. You’re tuning in to another episode of “What If Wednesdays.” My name is Yong Pratt, Director of the Academy and on Wednesdays we often come on live to talk about ‘what if’ and to dream big for our kids.


For the past 16 years, we’ve been helping parents raise smarter kids through the arts. As we move into the next year pretty close into 2018, there are a lot of things we have planned for the Academy and some big changes we have upcoming which, I can tell you now, that you should definitely be looking forward to.

So today’s What if Wednesday question is,


“What if you could get your kids off their devices?

Now I know if you’re like me and you have kids (I have an 11-year-old and a 14-year-old) and in particular the 14-year-old spends an increasing amount of time on her off her devices namely her phone where she’s interacting via text with her friends and is looking at life outside of herself online on social media channels and her current favorite is Pinterest. She likes to go there and she could spend literally hours if I didn’t have her do something else to see what other people are doing, what they’re creating – all the cool things that are out there in the world that she perceives that she doesn’t have or would like to have.


So, with that in mind, really the question becomes not, “What if we could get our kids off their devices? But “what if we could help our kids use their devices to be productive and learn the skills that could help them pay for their amazing and upcoming life adventures like college or getting a car or traveling; traveling the world during a gap year.


Kids have lots of ideas on what they want to do in life. And I know as parents it falls on us typically to do things like help them pay for college or help them secure funds through student loans and the like to experience those life adventures.


What if we could again help them use their devices to be productive and also pay for their life adventures?


As a mom with two girls who are going to be going off to college in the next half a dozen years I should say paying for college becomes something that we talk about and we think about and wonder how that’s going to play out for them.


Here at the Academy, we are introducing some technology classes… You may be wondering why technology? How on earth is technology related to the arts?.


Well on many levels there are so many overlaps between the two. From the outside, tech can look very analytical and very structured however, with myself having an arts background, everything that I do in technology I’m approaching with the mindset of a problem solver. I’m looking at how technology can help me solve a particular problem or be more productive whether in the business or at home.


And so as we move forward into the future we’re going to merge these two worlds together where we can teach kids to be creators not just students in a class but kids who are creating amazing things to help not only themselves in their lives, but to help other people such as business owners, to help them get their messages out into the world using technology.


 I wanted to share an amazing class we have upcoming and something that has been requested so so so many times. If you don’t already know I’ve been a podcast here for about a year and a half now maybe a little more than that and we’re actually getting ready to release episode number 90 of the podcast. For 90 weeks, I have been doing this version of the podcast. And I did several prior to that as well. So these kids are going to get a chance to work side by side with me as someone who was actively in the field of podcasting. And these kids are going to learn what it means to be a podcaster and use this particular platform to share their message with the world!.


I am so excited to be putting this class together and look forward to kicking off this class at the beginning of November.


So the very first class we’re going to introduce to our kids as creators is called Podcast Kids. Now this class is going to be a five-week class where we meet together to do everything and learn everything there is about podcasting.


If you aren’t already a podcast listener and are not sure what that word means. A podcast is basically a radio station that you can subscribe to on a platform like iTunes, Stitcher Radio, or even Google Play. People who develop podcasts share a particular message or bring on guests to help them share their message on a number of topics. For instance, my podcast is called Raising smart kids 2.0 and it’s all about how I can help you as parents raise smarter kids using the arts as a vehicle. I sometimes will do a solo episode where I’m giving you my tips and tricks that I’ve learned regarding the arts and letting you understand the background of why the arts are so important and how they can help your kids to propel their success, not only in school but in their life as a whole. I often bring guests onto the podcasts who are fellow entrepreneurs who have businesses in the arts. My guests have been educators who work with specific populations and specific skill sets such as reading and writing. And I bring on guests who have had successes with their kids in the arts.


It’s really a resource for parents in our community and beyond to listen to quick little snippets where you can listen on and go on your phone as you’re commuting, maybe dropping off the kids, picking them up, or going to and fro your daily activities. It’s really a resource that you can literally put in your pocket and listen to wherever you are.


This very first class we’re introducing to Our Young Creators is again Podcast Kids and it kicks off November 1st. I’m going to put the link so you can check out what this course or this workshop really looks like. It’s going to be diving all in you know all the way we’re going to work really hard to get everything learn from these kids on how to prepare a podcast; how to brainstorm topics for a podcast; and how to eventually help them earn some money becoming someone who is a podcaster or influencer or someone who is interested in helping other podcasters get their message out into the world by helping them really produce the podcast and really getting it ready to be out into the universe and for all the world to listen to.


There are so many great things we’re going to be doing over these five weeks but it’s definitely an all in workshop where we are going to go from start to finish and the kids even get to be a guest on the podcast so they understand what it means to be a guest and what it means to be interviewed and have the experience of doing that for their college applications, for their resumes, or what every wife experiences they want to enjoy.


You can check it out this very first class where we’re bridging the worlds of arts and technology and we’re going to be teaching something we call INTENTIONAL TECHNOLOGY.


We’re taking kids who were already on their devices and giving them marketable skills that they can use out in the real-world to pay for their life adventures and we are bringing that together for them so that they’re using now their technology in a very efficient, very productive manner. And we’re going to be bridging that gap between arts and technology to also help you as parents use technology as a tool for connection rather than separation.


OK, my friends, that wraps up this episode of ‘What If Wednesday’ here at the Academy. I’m Yong Pratt, director of the Academy and you can check out this link right up here and check out our very first INTENTIONAL TECHNOLOGY class which kicks off on November 1st for ages 10 to 18.

Oh, and by the way, if you get registered for this workshop before the 21st you can save a whopping hundred and fifty dollars!

So definitely don’t wait. The price is going to go back up right after the 24th. So make sure you hop in the first time we’re launching this class and offering this class. So we want to make sure that it’s everything we need it to be. So take advantage of that discount of 150 dollars. Head over to elkoarts.org/it. And I.T. stands for INTENTIONAL TECHNOLOGY.

Ok, my friends, I will chat with you very soon and let me know if you have any questions about these upcoming classes. You can comment below in the comments and let me know. Ask questions make comments and I’ll reach back out to you. Have a great Wednesday night I’ll talk to you soon. Cheers.