What If? [3 of 4]

[Podcast Transcript]

Hello and welcome back to the Raising smART kids 2.0 podcast. Today I am here to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving. One of my favorite holidays of the year happens to be Thanksgiving because I usually get to host Thanksgiving at my house for our family which is not huge but still definitely quite a challenge to be able to make sure everything is done in a timely manner so all the food can be enjoyed at the same time.

What are your Thanksgiving traditions?.

I would love to know over at Elko Arts Academy, our interim Facebook page, as we head out heading into 2018 and round out 2017. We have some exciting new changes happening both at my performing arts academy and right here on the podcast.

So thank you for being you.

Thank you for committing to helping your kids be smarter through the arts. And I wish you again I Happy Thanks Giving today.

This is episode number 3 of 4 in our series, “What if Wednesdays.”

I hope you enjoy it and I will chat with you again after Thanksgiving.

Happy Wednesday Academy families and future Academy families. My name is Yong Pratt, the Founder and Director of Academy of Arts, and I’m so glad you’re tuning in live or watching the replay of today’s what you have Wednesday last week. We started this series talking about what if and dreaming big about your kids’ activities.

What would those activities look like?.

Where would they be?

How often would they meet and things along that path?

So today we’re going to continue our series of what if so we can start dreaming bigger.

Why are we dreaming bigger?.

Because I think that there’s always something great that we can dream of and if we can dream it we can make that come into a reality.

Today’s question for our “What if Wednesday” series is, “What if you could choose your child’s ideal teacher in school or in their extracurricular activities?”.

What would that teacher possess as far as values?.

What types of things would he or she do to make your child feel valuable and successful?.

How would she interact with your child?.

How would he recognize your child for doing a great job?.

How might this teacher mentor your child to really reach past and really attain some big goals in school and in life?.

Comment below and let me know what if what if you could choose your child’s Ideal Teacher. Tell me about those teachers qualities and values and anything else you can describe to me as we dream big here at the academy on what you have Wednesday.

Now we’re officially about a week and a half from the start of the school year. And we had the Academy want to recognize very special folks in our community. And those people we want to recognize right now at this time of year are our schoolteachers. So we actually have posted on our Web site and in a Facebook post where you can nominate your favorite schoolteacher to win our basket of goodies full of school supplies that we will be drawing next Wednesday.

If you have a favorite teacher or maybe more than one favorite teacher please follow the directions in the Facebook post on this page and let us know who that teacher is.

Be sure to Like our page and share the post so we can recognize many of the amazing men and women we have teaching in our community and we will be again drawing the winner next Wednesday. Oh and let us know what school they’re at so we can deliver those by hand to them to their school next week or when school is back in session. We want to know they’re going to be in their classrooms.

Ok my friends if you are looking for classes and activities for your kids where small classes and personal attention are valued highly, we love to have you as part of the Academy. For the past 16 years. we’ve been helping parents just like you raise smarter kids through the arts.

If you would be interested in applying for membership to the Academy you can visit our Website, elkoarts.org/apply apply and that will take you directly to our application process.

We no longer allow direct registration into the Academy. We have a very tight knit close group here at the Academy and we highly value our culture and everyone who is at our school currently and we want to make sure that your family and the Academy are going to be a good fit.

We certainly want you to be happy with the classes and the experiences you are having with us and we want to make sure we can provide that for you and your family.

So again if you’re interested in applying to the Academy you can visit elkoarts.org/apply. And don’t forget to nominate favorite local teacher to win a basket full of goodies and some school supplies as we head back into the 2017-2018 school year.

OK my friends have an awesome Wednesday and I will catch you next week for another installment of what if Wednesdays here at the Academy. Cheers.