About Sandy
Sandy Mangis is a Business Strategist & Transition Coach for ones ready to transform career and financial status. Looking for the freedom to express who they are and build on their own potential. Getting them out of the rat race and have time returned. Being a Career mother and 35+ years of business experience have developed a Passion-Based Business to show others a way to give meaning and purpose to who they are again.

[2:41] Importance of parenting

[4:37] Creating something for our kids to get them motivated.

[13:40] What is the way to make kids idea get to work.

[22:15] What is the importance of the education for our kids?

[24:46] Teaching kids to contribute to the community.

The best way to connect with Sandy at www.sandymangis.com and connect with her through Facebook www.facebook.com/Sandy.Mangis