Do you kids like to cook? Do they like to create in the kitchen while you’re prepping dinner? Today we’re chatting about kids learning life skills in the kitchen.

On today’s podcast, we’re continuing our series on arts activities you can enjoy with your kids this summer and beyond along with the benefits of each art form.

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[2:59] Yong’s journey in learning her life skills in the kitchen

[4:55] 9 Benefits of cooking with your kids

[5:42] 1st Benefit: Communication – open dialogue when cooking

[7:00] 2nd Benefit: Comprehension – reading and interpreting recipes

[7:48] 3rd Benefit: Math Skills – measuring

[8:50] 4th Benefit :Science skills – cooking is an experiment after all!

[9:55] 5th Benefit: Nutrition – healthy versus non-healthy

[10:44] 6th Benefit: Health – the role of healthy food to our bodies

[11:57] 7th Benefit: Confidence – learning and practicing new skills bolsters confidence

[13:04] 8th Benefit: Making memories

[13:57] 9th Benefit: Joy