Our Young Creators Episode 068 - Louise Courey Nadeau - Magellica's Journey

Today we’re chatting with author, Louise Courey Nadueu about her Magelica’s Journey through her Book Series.

[1:42] How is the story of Magelica came into being?

[7:57] Sharing a brief story about the book.

[11:36] When in your life did you discover that you will be a writer and an author?

[14:05] Paying attention to your kids to learn the arts.

[19:00] How did you incorporate the arts into your family life?

[22:09] Can you tell a little bit what the listeners can get for free today?

[23:30] Can you leave our listeners why the arts are important to your kids?

Visit Louise website on Magelica’s Voyage www.magelica.com

Get a copy of the Louise Courey Nadeau’s book Magelica’s Voyage