Today we’re chatting with Julie Ford about the Art of Parenting Intentionally. We’ll dive into the juicy details of parenting intentionally and what it means for you and your child.

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Meet Julie
Julie Ford of Julz of Life describes herself as a “blender of roles.” Her biographical “smoothy” includes: business owner, certified life coach (with a focus on intentional parenting and chaos mitigation), author, mom of two tween/teen daughters, wife to an entrepreneurial hubby, kitchen dancer, shower and car singer, problem solver, flowerbed weeder, and occasional Bobcat/John Deere/Grasshopper operator.

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Julie uses song, dance, video, social media, and general shenanigans to connect with her kids. Her secret weapons are habits, routines that serve, and making contribution fun. She loves writing, creating in-the-moment parodies that entertain while getting the point across to her kids, and channeling her inner Latin dancer while in the grocery store. People follow her at networking events because she connects people in her vivacious wake. Her kids (artists themselves) describe her as “awesomely out there.”

A mark Julie hopes to leave on this world is to help parents enjoy every stage of parenting before confidently emptying the nest.


[3:23] How do you started on this path and how you started working with parents and kids?

[8:45] Can you talk a little bit more about parenting intentionally?

[12:20] Why do you feel that the arts in particular are so critical for children’s development these days?

[17:10] How do you feel that arts be developthis future leaders?

[21:12] How do would you define art to the people listening today?

[23:20] What piece of advice you can give to parents?

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