[1:34] What is the first thing you would recomend to mom on this journey?

[3:01] How do we schedule our time to be organized?

[4:00] What are some things that your doing in your scheduling that are non negotiable for yourself?

[6:10] Talk a little bit how journaling benefits us?

[8:30] So when you talk about journaling, talk about how those things are different?

[9:30] Do you think that its benefitial for moms to sit and journal with your kid?

[11:45] Lets talk about your journey on how you start coaching woman about self care?

[12:54] What was the moment in time you decided to make time for yourself?

[4:25] What advice could you give to the our listeners?

[16:20] Talk about your experience in child care center?

[19:08] Talk about the group you created their and how our listener can be a part of it?

[20:18] What are some of the other things you do to help mom on this journey of self discovery and self care?

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[27:30] What are the top three recomedation you have for mom about implementing self care routine into their life