As an Author, Entrepreneur and Mom, Mary Kathryn Johnson has created online success since 2003. A fall while pregnant with her second son landed her with two broken legs, her first book, and her first business. Mary is now using that 13 years of roller coaster family and business success to help parents uncover their entrepreneurial identity so they can create family freedom, and she is now building her fourth business helping health and beauty professionals do the same.

Before we dive into our interview, I wanted to tell you about how mary kathryn and I connected. I first heard Mary Kathyn on a podcast by one of my mentors and i knew I had to get her on the show. She’s a very successful entrepreneur that has taken her artistic abilities and has created several businesses which is something I wanted all of you to hear more about – the possibility of where the arts can take your child.

My daughters are now 10 and 13 and they never speak about going to work for someone else and are always envisioning what their own businesses would like. Mary Kathryn has modeled this entrepreneurial lifestyle with her own sons and I wanted to have her share her amazing arts journey with you.

[2:16] Mary shares her journey and how her first business came into reality.

[7:38] How Mary lunch her first online maternity store

[10:35] How did Mary incorporate the arts into her business

[18:40] Parents and kids are so busy these days, why are the arts critical to their development?

[26:57] If parents are looking into getting their kids involved in the arts, what would be your advice?

[31:36] What’s one simple tip you could provide to parents about incorporating the arts into their already busy lives?

[34:06] What’s one action parents can take away from our conversation today?

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