Have you ever wondered how the arts is like swimming? Our guest on the podcast today, Anna Tilsen of Dance N Magic answers this very question.Ever wondered how the arts is like swimming? Our guest, Anna Tilsen answers this very question.

About Anna
Anna Tilsen, Mother of 2, step Mother of 2, Auntie to many, and Teacher to thousands. She has dedicated her life to arts education with a specialty in early childhood. She is the owner of Dance-N-Magic, a Dance and Music Studio in St. Paul, Minnesota. In addition, she has been teaching dance in Twin Cities Area preschools for over 15 years after graduating with a dance certification in a teaching emphasis from Santa Rosa College in Santa Rosa, CA. She has an abundance of knowledge and helpful hints to share from her experience in arts education and as a parent. She decided to start a blog to be able to help parents foster creativity and confidence in their children.

[3:05] Share the story of how and why you choose to do what you do?

[5:57] What is it about the arts classes that makes them so important for young children?

[8:31] If parents are looking into getting their kids involved in the arts, what would be your advice.

[13:57] How can the arts foster leaders?

[17:01] Why goal setting is so important in the early childhood age group?

[18:19] How would you recommend parents documents a young child’s goals and what they do when they attain them?

[21:00] What is one simple tip parents can do to incorporate arts into their life?

[23:36] You’ve been teaching for a number of years. Can you share a story of how the arts had changed a life at school?

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[28:38] Parting piece of advice for parents