From the moment our little ones come into this world, there are people lined up to let us know whether or not our child falls within normal proper growth and development, normal learning, etc. I’m here to tell you that every child has his or her own normal when it comes to learning. While one child may walk before crawling, another may learn his multiplication tables before addition.

As we celebrate week 4 of back to school and back to classes at my performing arts school, there are usually some concerns that come up in the learning process.

[2:12] The path to parenting and raising kids

[3:18]  When a child is nervous to enter the room

[4:24] When a child faces upset

[5:03] When a child doesn’t fully participate

[5:53] Difficulty communicating with their peers

[6:56] Overcoming these challenges and advice on next steps

033 Is My Child Normal - Raising smART Kids 2.0 - Our Young Creators