Today we’re celebrating back to school! Happy back to school season art smart parents! It’s time to celebrate.

Let this be THE year your child discovers her Super Powers - Our Young Creators - Raising smART Kids 2.0

My kiddos just finished up their first week back to school and we had our first week of classes at the Academy and all I can say is Wow! This past week was filled with so much energy and excitement in seeing old friends, meeting new friends, and celebrating some firsts. My oldest celebrated her first day of 8th grade and my youngest her first day of 5th grade. At my academy we celebrated our first day of our sweet 16 – hard to believe that we’re going on 16 years of helping parents raise smarter kids through the arts.

I don’t know about you, but I always find it a bit sad to send my kids back to school. After a summer filled with late night fun and lazy mornings, it’s had to let go and come tor grip with the fact that they’re going to be spending more time with their teachers and friends during the week than they do with me. I guess that’s what this parenting adventure is all about – equipping our kiddos to go out into the world confidently and stand on their own two feet.

I am thankful that my girls love learning and enjoy school and am grateful to the all their teachers who put in countless hours to give my girls the best possible educational experiences.

Well Back to school inevitably means back to homework. And homework isn’t always going to be easy.

As we head into this new season of school and of our kids lives, I want to ask you to become a consummate observer of your child and become his or her advocate during their educational journey.

There’s no better time than now to set the foundation for a successful school year. Discovering your child’s unique gifts, talents, and super powers is key. If you’ve haven’t already grabbed a copy of my book, Raising a superhero: How to Unleash your child’s 8 super powers and propel learning through the arts, head on over to amazon.

You can be reading the book in a matter of minutes and learn the best ways to foster your child’s super powers, how to open up the dialogue about your child’s learning and educational needs with his or her teachers and how to find arts classes to support his or her unique gifts.

On last week’s podcast, Tara shared the story of her daughters transformation in school after working with me personally. Don’t wait and hope your child’s teacher holds the key to your child’s learning destiny.

You must boldly step in and be your child’s champion at school. Learning isn’t one size fits all and I want to make sure you’re armed with knowledge and take action on creating your child’s best possible educational journey.

Let this be THE year that your child excels in school and gains the confidence you wish for him.

Let this be THE year your child discovers what she’s really capable

Let this be THE year that you discover what is possible by partnering with your child’s teacher or teachers.

If you could use more help or guidance in putting together a plan of action, there’s still time to apply for one of the select few one on one discovery sessions with me. Just head HERE. It would be my absolute pleasure to help you transform your child’s educational experience and unleash his super powers.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be focusing on some specific strageies and ideas to help make the transition back into the school year a little easier and and a lot more joyful.

I know it’s the start of a holiday weekend so I’ve kept today’s episode short. May your labor day weekend be filled with wonderful memories, grand adventures, and enjoy the art that surrounds you, no matter where you find it.

If you’re looking to find activities for your kids in this new school year, check out our Kids Activity Series here at Our Young Creators.

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