[1:49] Get to Know more about Angela Webb Bauer…

[3:15] What are some of those skills that your really wanting them to walk away at the end of the day with?

[5:37] What was it that got you into the arts to begin with?

[7:08] Angela’s journey about the arts.

[11:26] How do you as a mom and a teacher see the arts being able to help kids boost their confidence?

[12:38] Angela’s version of the acronym for the word S.M.A.R.T.

[15:06] How do you and your school go about getting your kids to set this and accomplish those goals?

[17:50] How can the arts help to develop stronger more efficient leaders?

[19:09] How did the Karate part come about in your life?

[21:05] Angela’s’ tips on creating arts alive.

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