[1:03] In today’s episode, we’re going to take stories one step further and talk about acting and the many benefits this art form has for your kids and for you!

[1:32] Yong’s Journey into acting

[3:47] Interestingly, public speaking is one of the top fears of adults.

[4:14] To address my own fears of public speaking, I joined a local Toastmasters group.

[4:35] What I’ve learned through Toastmasters is that…

[5:43] It’s not often that kids are allowed to express themselves and continue to use their imaginations in productive ways. The same could be said about us adults.

[6:59] I’d like to share an idea you can use at home or anywhere else to foster these skills.

[7:21] My favorite way to act and teach my kids about public speaking is through something called Storybook theatre.

[8:13] While this process of acting with your kids may feel a bit uncomfortable in the beginning, you’ll soon come to discover its joy.

[9:34] Acting out the characters in a book can inspire new ideas, new story lines, or even new books that can be published!

[10:28] Helping our kids grow their minds through acting and developing into confident, creative, and productive citizens that are great communicators is what we dream for our kids.

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