About Ronel
Ronel D. Pierre is a professional interpreter and translator, speaking 4 languages, and is an accomplished artist from Haiti whose first exhibition was in Berlin, Germany at age 12.

After experiencing severe torment by his peers, Ronel spent much time alone learning and creating art.

His goal in life to education about the mistreatment of others through motivational speaking, community service and volunteerism.

Ronel has helped raise over 9 MILLION dollars for NPHUSA.org. A portion of his book, Ronel and the Best Gift Ever is donated back to the orphanage in which he was raised.

He’s currently working on Part 2 of the Ronel Book Series.

Ronel D. Pierre - Yong Pratt - Our Young Creators[3:23] Ronel’s journey into the arts

[6:21] Why arts are so important for kids

[8:55] How the arts can foster confidence and how Ronel overcame bullying through the arts.

[11:40] Tips to incorporate the arts into busy lives

[14:05] Using the internet to open the world of arts to your child

[16:30] Overcoming bullying through the arts

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[23:18] Ronel’s parting piece of advice.

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