Ann Colin - Raising smART Kids Podcast[2:30] Ann’s journey into dance

[2:55] April’s journey

[3:40] Why Ann feels the arts are so important for kids and what Ann’s daughter has gained from the arts

[6:00] Why April feels the arts are so important

[6:35] Advice Ann would give to teachers about incorporating the arts into a traditional classroom

[8:40] Arts, critical thinking, and problem solving

[10:10] April: Critical thinking and problem solving in the dance classroom

[10:55] Ann: Answering the why and different types of learners

[12:45] Ann: We have to remember not to shut down the whys at home

[13:55] Ann: Teach your kids this tool to keep interruptions positive

[15 :45] Ann: Success story of a dancer

[16:55] April: Using creativity as an outlet

[14:45] Ann: Impacting kids with special needs through dance

[19:22] April: Dance and the arts teaches social interaction

[20:35] Ann: Anyone can benefit from dance

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[22:00] Ann’s Advice for parents: Reach out to your local library; Use the internet to find activities for kids

[25:35] April: Rent a classic like “Singing in the Rain”

[26:20] Ann: Turn on some music during household chores