About Amy
Amy Shoell Rasmussen knew at a very young age that she wanted to share her love of music with others. At the age of 15 she began teaching piano lessons to children in her Northern Utah neighborhood. Amy attended the University of Utah as a Piano Performance Major. She began teaching piano at Bravo Arts Academy in 2001 and has never left! During her years at Bravo she has worked closely with the owner, Angy Ford. Since joining Bravo, Amy has seen the business grow from an in-home piano studio to now having 3 locations commercial locations. Amy oversees faculty members who teach classes for music, dance, preschool, tumbling, karate, art and kindergarten. She works closely with Bravo’s managers and teachers to ensure the education students are receiving is improving their skills and providing a positive learning environment. Amy loves the chance to accompany musicians for church and civic events. She also volunteers to play the piano at a local hospital. She believes every child should have the opportunity receive the benefits of an arts based education.

Amy Shoell Rasmussen



[2:22] Amy’s journey into the arts and how the arts have shaped who she has become.

[3:31] Do you think that piano is probably the easiest instrument for a young child to begin with?
Amy heard a quote that pretty much says “Piano is the easiest to learn but the hardest to master”

[6:25] Why Amy thinks it’s important for kids to participate in the arts.

[9:03] How Amy go about incorporating history of the arts in classes at Bravo.

[11:38] Another valuable lesson Amy has learned from participating in music and the arts in general.

[13:28] How Amy believes the arts can help a child’s self confidence.

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