[2:29] Tara’s journey into the arts and how it has changed her life.

[3:40] What was it about dance that made Tara want to continue dancing instead of continuing all of the other activities that she was involved in.

[4:34] What is it about the arts specifically that Tara would tell parents is the most valuable thing about their kids involvement.

[6:22] What is it about the arts that Tara thinks will help parents raise smarter kids.

[8:57] How can we help parents and teachers use teamwork more and apply it more effectively in their classrooms

[11:51] What comes to mind when Tara thinks of the word “Smart”.

[15:08] How

would Tara instruct parents on how to find a place that is going to be a good fit for their kids to learn the arts.

[18:55] What is Tara’s philosophy behind teaching at her school.

[21:19] What is the best way for our listeners to get in touch with Tara if they have any questions.

Website- www.ambitionarts.com
Facebook- Tara Pickford

[21:51] Tara’s one parting information about the impact the arts can have on their child’s life.