About Katie
Katie is the dedicated founder of ImPACt! 501(c)3 the owner of Inspiration Performing Arts Center and fuel behind the mission “To Inspire You!” She has been featured on Dance Informa, Fox 9 News, TEDx Talks, Star Tribune, Century College, The Inver Hills College Review, More Than Just Great Dancing, Grace Church, in Haiti, Movement to Kampala Uganda, and Awaking Soul in costa Rica.

She was just accepted into Stanford University’s Social Entrepreneurship Executive Program where she will be studying alongside 50 of the world’s top non-profit leaders starting next week. Miss Katie speaks with her heart, teaches with the knowing that we are all students. And inspires people globally, all the while giving glory and credit to God. She most enjoys time spent with her friends and family. Traveling with ImPACt teams around the world. Forming community partnerships and all the in between moments of rest and peace on her yoga mat.

[03:09] When you started on your arts journey, did you imagine getting to where you are today?

[05:13] What is imPact?

[06:12] About choosing regions for ImPact

[09:00] Raising $25,000 last month to start building a school in Uganda.

[10:10] “The connection made on this all is that culturally speaking dance is an universal language. Where words can fail, dance can speak.”

[10:57] More and more missionaries that have come on this trips. They come back thinking they were going to make an impact, where the impact was on them.

[11:55] When you talk to the parents about the arts. When they say they have a busy schedule because they have so many other competing activities. What is something that you tell them about what the arts can provide that nothing else can?

[12:15] Arts inspire creativity.

Katie Owings - Raising smART Kids Podcast

[14:47] This is such a great platform for parents to listen to this. What your doing with this platform is wonderful. It’s enriching! Expanding our creativity. So much of our daily life is mechanical.

[16:53] Adults forget that it’s okay to be playful and joyful and do things for themselves that nourish our body and soul. There is limitations adults put on ourselves.

[18:21] “You have to carve out that time. I like to call it ‘soul sanity’.” She encourages parents to sign up.

[20:14] If our listeners are super excited about what you’re doing with ImPact, how can they get involved with ImPACt?

20:22 Get social with us on facebook and instagram. Go to our website and learn more about our organization. www.toimpacttheworld.org. Website is a great resource for parents to see about trips. On facebook at Katie Owings and email her

[22:15] What parting piece of advice about the arts and how you view the arts changing the world?

Katie Owings - Raising smART Kids Podcast