Ms. Susan Scarlet-Macaw graduated from the Cal Poly Architecture School and worked as an architect for five years before embarking on her entrepreneurial journey. She operated her own fitness studio for women in San Francisco and is co-owner of a bicycle manufacturing company. She started M.E. Health and Wellness right here in Elko, Nevada.

Susan believes in being part of the community in which she lives and is an active member of the rotary club in addition to serving as treasurer for the Elko County Art Club. Which is where we first meet last fall.

An avid runner and cyclist, Susan combines her passion for physical activity with all aspects of wellness. She now coaches people to connect with their inner self through personal development and behavior change. Susan guides her clients to learn more fulfilling lives and says “sometimes you need to find the humility to admit when you need help.”

[03:50] Why was the Art Club one of your first stops upon moving to Elko?

[04:40] For those listeners who aren’t from our town locally, or who have no idea who Sara Sweetwater is, can you give us a bit of background?

[05:10] How has the arts contribute to who you are today?

Susan Scarlet-Macaw - Our Young Creators - Raising smART Kids 2.0

[07:22] Benefits of the Arts for Kids

[10:55] Why is the ability to problem solve and use critical thinking skills so vital for kids these days?

[15:53] On challenging kids to use technology in creative ways

[18:35] “The arts is more than just painting. That the arts is also moving your body. There is that other part on how we learn.”

[20:38] With so many activities to choose from today Susan, why do you think kids need to be part of the arts?

[22:49] What is one simple tip that you can leave with our listeners to help them incorporate the arts into their life?

[22:59]′ “Allow creativity to take you to your next innovation whatever that is.”

Susan Scarlet-Macaw - Raising smART Kids 2.0 - Our Young Creators

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