Rocco Santorufo has been dancing since he was a child. He is a member of the Child’s Equity, Screen Actors Guild, and Aftra. Since age 10 he has enjoyed a professional acting career in national television, advertising in a commercial for Burger King, Wendy’s, Jello, Rayovac, Hyers, Bubble Yum and as the HiC kid. He performed in a national touring production of Jerome Robbins, West Side Story, was a contestant on Star Search, and performed in many industries. He has worked with such luminaries as Sammy Davis Jr, Nell Carter, Lola Falana, Debbie Gibson, and Prince. His professional acting training includes the renown the acting studio inc, in New York City. His establishment of Broadway Bound

Rocco 2 - Raising smART Kids PodcastDance Center in 1990 was a dream come true.

[2:38] Mr. Rocco’s journey into the arts.

[3:24] Lessons Rocco has learned on his journey into the arts and how they have shaped him as a business owner.

[5:08] Rocco’s special program for kids that learn differently.

[10:42] How the arts can positively impact kids with special abilities.

“In the classroom, there’s no wrong, there’s no right, there’s just expression.”

[13:22] Rocco’s suggestion on finding an activity that is a good fit for kids with special abilities. “If You can’t find it, build it.”

Rocco 1 - Raising smART Kids Podcast

[15:26] The best way for our listeners to connect with Rocco if they have more questions Email him.

[17:22] Parting advice for parents about getting their kids with special abilities into the arts.

Kids with special abilities deserve to sparkle and shine and enjoy experiences like everyone else.