Emily Weber is an entrepreneur, mentor, and inspirational speaker that promotes a positive atmosphere in the arts. Equipping individuals with empowerment, service, and sustainability is her mission through the efforts of Yorkville Performing Arts Center, Up2University, Artist Universe, and The Weber Enterprises. Emily also serves in several areas of her church, she is an active member of The More Than Just Great Dancing, a board member of CASA of Kendall County Illinois, and she’s a mother of four.

Kids find the arts as their safe haven because it is a place where they can feel that they are loved and accepted. Especially kids at the age of 11 and 12 they should know the place where they belong.


Emily’s journey into the arts

Emily began dancing when she was 2 years old when her mom sent her to a ballet.  At the age of 11, the arts became her safe place, a place that she found her passion, and a place that she loves. This taught her how to be a mentor and teacher of dance that she is using now in Yorkville Performing Arts Center.


What are the life skills that you believe that the arts offer to the kids?

The life skills that Emily learned are being participative, getting up after falling down and learning to empower your team and strengthening it. Have the courage to inspire a person so that they can have the confidence and they can do their best, no matter who’s the person. It’s her mission to equip them so that they can serve themselves and the others.


Why participating in the arts are so important for every child?

Participating in the arts is important because the arts are one of the activities that can develop a child and it is something that is permanent in your life. It’s permanent because it takes hard work, consistency, and it takes practice. The arts teach us how to become patient and persevere. Emily said that growth and self-improvement are the greatest lessons that we can give to anyone.


How do you think that the arts play into their kids being smart?

The complexity of dance, music, and art all play in that role.  You have to use your mind to be able to control different parts of your body while the mind is thinking.  Being able to connect all those pieces help kids think intelligently.  Kids ask questions about themselves.  “Why do I have to do that?


What is one simple tip that you could provide parents about how to appropriate the arts into their already easy life?

Look for programs that match your values as a family.  Look at a place that can offer different programs – programs that accommodate the different personalities/wants of the children all in one place.  So, you don’t run to different places.  Listen to what your children want.  “What is it you like about this program?”  “Why do you want to go here all the time?”     

Find Emily at: www.ypac.com and Facebook 


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