Robbie Walker is a native to Idaho, and has been involved in a multitude of performing arts including dance, music, acting, musical theater, and choir. After graduating High School Robbie served a two year mission in Finland for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. One month before returning home he received and email form his dance school directors offering him to take over the school, and he agreed.

Over the last ten years Robbie, along with his wife, have expanded the studio from offering one style of dance, with just over twenty students, to now serving more than two hundred fifty dancers, and now offer more than ten different dance styles and musical instruments. Robbie and his staff strive to create a culture at Idaho rhythm school of music and dance where in addition to learning proper dance technique and musical scales, students build confidence and commitment within their experience, which can translate into life lessons benefiting them for years to come. He and his wife Kara have four beautiful children, ranging in age from three months to seven years.

[1:54] Robbie’s journey into the arts and how the arts have shaped who he has become and what he has been able to do.

[3:58] Robbie’s encouragement to parents on how to get boys involved in the arts.

[6:07] Most valuable lesson Robbie has learned with his involvement in the arts.
“Going big or going home”
“We were created to be great”

[8:13] Why it’s so important for kids to participate in the arts in this day and age.

[10:12] How the arts builds self confidence.

[14:56] Advice for parents, who want to put their child in a dance class or music lesson, in how to find a great place to go or great teacher that’s going to help their child get to the next level.

[19:18] Best way for our listeners to get in touch with Robbie if they have more questions.


[20:09] One final parting piece of advice for parents

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