Welcome back to episode 5! Today our guest is Meghan Dunn Gordon who urges you…Don’t let your kids give up!

Meghan Dunn-Gordon started dancing when she was 3 years of age at a studio in South Florida. Dancing brought her a lot of self-confidence, has helped her to be focused and learn how to prioritize.

Meghan is the owner of Velocity Dance Center in Oklahoma City. Meghan studied Dance Management in Oklahoma University before she opens her studio. Her passion lies in mentoring High School students and teaching kids of all ages. She also volunteers with The Junior League, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, her Alpha Pi Sorority, and she’s an active member of The More Than Just Great Dancing Movement. Meghan is also a wife and a mother to Hudson.

Values that Meghan promotes in her studio
– Confidence
– Community
– Responsibility – Students should be responsible to themselves, to their teams, and to the studio.
– Time Management- Students should prioritize the things that are important to them.

Meghan is passionate about helping her students build their confidence through dancing. And wants students to keep in mind that their body can be beautiful in dancing no matter what sizes, shape, bone structures, or flexibility.

How the arts helps kids to build their brains.

The arts specifically provides problem solving skills which is something that Meghan sees a big lack of in schools.

– Dance teaches kids to move their bodies in different ways that promote cross body movements which engages both sides of their brains at the same time.

– In the dance class, kids are taught using different styles such as verbal cues, visualization and through hands on connectivity with the kids. In schools, kids are usually taught only one way of learning so many kids feel that they just aren’t smart – they’re just not being taught in a way that makes sense for them.

Advice to Parents:

– Meghan encourages her younger parents to not push so hard if their kids are struggling. Just keep encouraging them so that they keep trying new things and they aren’t scared to fail.

– Standardized testing does not measure the things that a kid can do well, that’s why parents should be open minded, less judgmental to one another, and should not compare their kids to anyone because kids learn in different ways.

– Parents should be supportive to their kids and find a community that will help them to raise a smarter kid. Having a positive community for our kids will help them to become happy, healthy, self-confident, and supported.

– Encourage your kids to keep on trying and don’t let them give up. Find new ways that can support your kids on their journey because kids need constant encouragement.

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