While test-taking is not inherently a bad thing, the tests that I’m alluding to are of the standardized variety that most schools place so much credence. The better the test scores, the higher the school is ranked. As a parent, choosing a school with higher test score ranking may be a good starting point in choosing a school, but it should not be the only consideration. I personally have transferred my kids out of the highest ranking elementary school in our area due in part to the focus on test-taking versus focus on the joys of learning.

The National Assembly of State Arts Agencies published a document entitled “Critical Evidence: How the Arts Benefit Student Achievement.” On page 7 written by Sandra S. Ruppert, there are some shocking statistics on parental beliefs in arts eduction despite dwindling arts programs across the country. To read the full document, click on the image.


With such overwhelming support of arts in education, our public school are generally without arts classes. So as parents, it’s our responsibility to seek out and find enriching arts activities such as dance classes, music lessons, acting, and martial arts – activities that are more than just after school fun.


From my personal experience, arts activities such as these teach confidence and self-esteem which transcends the arts learning class rooms and infiltrates the way in which kids view themselves and interact with everyone and everything around them.