It’s 2016 and the Raising smART Kids Movement is back in full force! Episode 000 of the podcast explains why the podcast has been relaunched, a brief background of host Yong Pratt. Version 2.0 also includes interviews with top artists, educators, and entrepreneurs that have applied what they’ve learned in arts classes to be more successful in life.



If you’re a parent looking to raise smarter kids, the arts is the ONLY medium that help your child learn and thrive no matter how he or she learns best.


Have a kid that just can’t sit still? Don’t medicate them, get them involved in the arts after school

Have a kid that has trouble socially? A dance class may be just the ticket to help them come out of their shell and learn to relate to others.

Have a kid that struggles with math? Music classes have been scientifically proven to boost brain power.

No matter how your child learns, no matter the struggles, the ARTS can help you raise a smarter child.itunes

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