Join the live interview with Megan Elizabeth of She Is Above Rubies and She Makes for Episode # 77 of the Raising smART Kids 2.0 Podcast. Let’s get creative!

Megan Elizabeth, founder and leading educator of Above Rubies Studio. Megan is a multi-passionate, award-winning, entrepreneur whose primary focus is to encourage women to live a life they love – feeling beautiful, creative and balanced.  Above Rubies Studio was started in 2008 as an outlet for Megan’s postpartum depression. It quickly grew into a global phenomenon where Megan shared her love for making professional-style crafts simple for anyone with the Cricut machine.  Megan has won multiple awards for her educational DVDs and her innovative paper line.  She has also won several awards in her Direct Sales Partnerships. You may have also seen Megan from time to time on both HSN and QVC.  She has recently taken her heart for women to help them start up and run their own successful online businesses while still being a Mom or maintaining other life priorities!  Megan has a club exclusively for Crafters and an online mentorship program for women ready to take action with their creative passions and business.  Megan is Mom to three kids (Bensen 9, Jenavieve 8 and Gradyn 3)  and a few other priorities to Megan: her committed relationship with coffee (it’s Facebook official), she can’t go a day without a good lip color and she’s crazy obsessed with fun singing!

[3:55] Share the story of how and why you choose to do what you do?

[6:04] Parents and kids are so busy these days, why are the arts critical to their development?

[8:41] If parents are looking into getting their kids involved in the arts, what would be your advice.

[10:26] How can the arts foster leaders?

[14:30] How do the arts cultivate problem solving and critical thinking skills?

[20:30] What’s one simple tip you could provide to parents about incorporating the arts into their already busy lives?

[25:20] What is the good starting point for them to listen today and start of the weekend?

[28:04] Why is it important for moms to make time to do this of themselves?

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[32:30] Parting piece of advice