It’s happened 3X now…

For three mornings in a row now, my girls have peeled back the doors on their Advent Calendars to reveal the mystery chocolate surprise inside. What gets them most excited is not the chocolate, although it is enjoyed thoroughly. It’s seeing what shape the chocolate will take that day.


Will it be an animal, a tree, a person, or something else?


It’s this element of surprise that has them most excited and it got me thinking…


What if we could use this element of surprise with our kids, our clients, the neighbors and give more of ourselves to each of the important people in our lives?


Then it dawned on me. We can surprise others by showing up when it’s least expected and where it’s least expected.


We can share a lesson learned, a failure we’ve overcome, a challenge we’re facing and start real conversations and build real connections with people near and far.


And with today’s technology, we can surprise others using tools like LIVE video.


You could surprise yourself, get out of your comfort zone and speak from the heart. Those mini conversations you’ll create in 100 days could become podcast episodes, YouTube videos, maybe even a book. The possibilities you’ll experience when you show up with the element of surprise for those that connect with you on social are limited only by your imagination.


Ready to surprise others and give them your time, share your wisdom, and help them on their journey?


Join me and my collaboration buddy, Tasha Cole AKA TCKnows and host of the Break the Cycle Podcast with TCKnows for 100 days of surprises.


We challenge you to surprise the people in your life by going LIVE on FB for 100 days in a row on FB live video.

Click the image below to join in on the fun.100 days of FB Live with Yong and Tasha


Why live video?

Because it’s scary. By making it game-like and coming from a space of surprising others (and ourselves), pressing “go live” seems a little less scary.


Why 100 days?

Change doesn’t happen overnight. It can take anywhere between 18 and 254 days to build a new habit according to Phillippa Lally in her study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology. With 100 days, we land right in the middle. When researching the significance of 100 days, I also found that whole websites like are inspiring people worldwide to commit to a new habit, a new skill – for 100 days! So join in on this trend with us.


It’s the season of giving, after all.

There’s no greater gift you can give to others than your time. By sharing your wisdom, your insights, your passions, your superpowers, your challenges, your failures, your insights, you allow others to get to know the real you and give them



So let’s do this together. Let’s lean in, crush fears, and get OUT of the comfort zones that hold us hostage from reaching our greatness!

P.S. Speaking of something that’s happened 3 times now…we’ve now graduated 3 rounds of Podcast in a Weekend students! THIS weekend (Dec 7-9) is Round 4. Learn to put those live videos from our 100-day challenge into podcast form in a single weekend. Save your seat NOW and you could have a podcast by Christmas!


Click the image below to join in on the fun.100 days of FB Live with Yong and Tasha