Have you ever committed to doing something that was more than just a little bit scary?

Have you ever leaned into your fears to accomplish something great?

Have you ever done an about face and ran from the things that scared you even when you knew they’d help you grow, personally, professionally, or otherwise?

I’ve been all of the above situations and it’s time to lean into our fears together, my friends, and get ourselves outside of our current comfort zones.

We’re gonna be real. We’re gonna be bold, brave, and unstoppable together in 2019!

Join Tasha Cole and I inside our 100 day free go live challenge. Each day, for 100 days, we’ll each show up and go live from our FB pages or profiles (whichever one makes the most sense today).

Let’s do this my friends! Save your seat at bit.ly/100daysoffblive

Tasha and I will be going live inside our private FB group at 1 pm pst today for our official kick-off and welcome to this challenge.