What does having it all mean to you?

If you’re a mommy on the go, you won’t want to miss this live interview with powerhouse Elena Ledoux, Founder of MommyGo. She’ll share what having it all means to her and how she’s helping other mommies do the same.

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Yong: [00:00:01] Hello everyone and welcome. I am so glad you are tuning in live, catching the replay or listening on the podcast because today's guest is one that you don't want to miss.

Yong: [00:00:17] Before I introduce my guest, I want to make sure that if it's your first time tuning in, I want to say a great big welcome to you. I'm so glad you found us here on planet Internet. And if you're a returning viewer or listener I want you to know how much I appreciate you as well. For those of you I don't know yet My name is Yong Pratt, I'm a 17-year performing arts studio owner turned Chief Dreamer and Podcaster at Our Young Creators. Here at OYC, we love helping people to harness the power of technology to learn skills so they can become creators on the devices they love and not just consumers.

Yong: [00:01:08] Today I have a very special guest for you. Our guest today is Elena Ladoux. She is an attorney. She's a mom of two and an entrepreneur. She was born in the Soviet Union and then immigrated to the U.S. to begin her professional career. One of her businesses is a top rated maid service in Las Vegas and is in the top 5 percent of maid services nationwide. Her newest project is called MommyGo, which uses a natural energy shot for moms so women can have it all! Elena, I am so glad we are chatting today. Welcome to the show.

Elena: [00:02:03] Hi Yong. Thank you so much. Thanks for having me. I'm delighted.

Yong: [00:02:03] Elena and I had the opportunity to meet face to face very recently in Atlanta. I was completely blown away by what she is doing and this latest project of hers. I love, Elena, if you can take us back to the beginning. Why did you create MommyGo and where did the idea come from?

Elena: [00:02:33] Well it came from my own need to have it all. When I was practicing law in Hawaii years ago, I loved my profession and then I found it very challenging and very exciting. So I invested a lot of my effort into it. So by the time I got home, and you was ready to unwind, that's why my kids wanted to engage and play and have quality time with me which is their right. And this is something I wanted to have with them as well. Unfortunately, after spending all my day litigating cases, I wasn't in a good state of mind or I wasn't good physically and emotionally to be able to do that and to be fully present with them. So I kind of, but I always felt guilty about it. We as women are so good at feeling guilty about everything. So yes I did feel really, really bad about it and eventually ended up leaving law, which was my beloved career calling, and I spent time with my kids for a couple of years. Actually two to three years, we basically just traveled in Europe had an fantastic time. It was amazing. And then I was actually I came back to US and started my maid service by happenstance and I didn't expect to get big. I thought it's getting me a really tiny and small thing that they did to help out a friend. And you know, fortunately and unfortunately, it grew like crazy. And I found that it became very challenging as well. It was taxing on my personal resources basically. And now I had two kids and both kids really wanted to still have their mommy - mommy time. So I wasn't ready to give up business. So I went out and I searched for some type of energy boost to help me kind of have a second life so to speak at home and not just dedicate everything to my career. And I went and looked and I explored different things. I did dive into fitness a bit and as well as meditation. And then I looked at different things I can eat or drink and I'm all about that easy solutions - something that doesn't require a lot of effort or a lot of suffering. I just don't like suffering. So I looked for basically energy, quick energy boost, and what I found was basically something that was unhealthy or questionable, or outright dangerous. So it was not very satisfying. And finally I decided to, you know, I'm an entrepreneur now I guess I'll just make it, make my home. And I did some research. I collaborated with some amazing people and one of them was the Founder of Tea Lab, Elise Peterson she is a tea guru. She's a food scientist and all these amazing things so she kind of guided me, helped me to develop this all natural energy boost. I have a bottle right here. I had one this morning. It's called MommyGo and it's made out of Japanese Matcha, which is green tea leaves that ground up into powder and it has amazing health benefits.

Elena: [00:06:04] Matcha, by itself but of course normally for Matcha you have to have this whole set up and mix it up. First of all procure a good matcha because there's different varieties. And then mix it up in a special bowl with a special little whisk. And some people do it gracefully and do it well. I do it so there's a green powder everywhere and it gets really crazy. So for me, it works really well to have it kind of portable so I just shake it, open it, and drink it and then off I go. So that's. So once once I do drink it I am good to go. Even after having a full day at work or you know even with my family, I can still do things in the afternoon which is normally when my energy level dives or actually I should say fall off the cliff. So, yeah that's what we do. And we just currently, we just got listed on Amazon and it's doing very well there. We have a really big support, supportive community.

Yong: [00:07:03] And I actually just got my first order and I'm going to actually do a Facebook live later today and I'll unpackage it so everyone can kind of see what it looks like when it arrives and I can share with you my experiences. Elena was gracious enough to give me a shot a MommyGo when we were in Atlanta because we were operating on very little sleep, as you can imagine and it was able, the energy I had was able to sustain me throughout the day that we were staying up way past our bad times and getting up super early. So I definitely know it works. And the fact that it's portable is fantastic because I think you pointed out you can take this through airport security. Is that right?

Elena: [00:07:45] TSA yes - three ounces. Because I travel a lot and coping with different time schedules and different foods, it's always a challenge for me. And it creates a lot of a big burden on the body to be constantly, like not having enough sleep or eating bad food. So one thing that MommyGo actually does is it curbs appetite as well. And because I'm normally the type of person who has to eat. When I have to eat I have to eat with it crazy. So it and I don't like suffering again, remember? So it works really well to drink it feel the energy levels to go up it's like battery levels - they just go up and then it completely calms my body down and it doesn't tell me, oh my god, you know it sounds great. I know it's McDonald's filet o'fish. Or you should go eat that piece of chocolate or you should go eat that ice cream. It's so amazing. I have this really strong voice that's making me eat things so MommyGo works really well in kind of calming down. It says, OK you have good energy. Please don't eat that junk. You know, let's survive it so we can eat something healthy and we're going to be fine. So I've been really grateful for that side effect of my product.

Yong: [00:09:03] And that's amazing. Cyndilu wants to know if you are shipping to New Zealand yet.

Elena: [00:09:11] Not yet, but we do have a lot of inquiries from overseas. I think Canada is currently leading in number of inquiries. And people are saying, like why not Canada? It is very close. Shipping costs is one of our biggest costs actually so we're working to see how we can make it happen. We also have a lot of inquiries from UK, also from Spain. Let's see, even from Africa. There are people their mommies and non-mommies everywhere that could appreciate a really healthy energy boost without a huge amount of caffeine, sugar, or calories that come with those. So. But it we're working on that. So we're trying to figure out US first and get firmly established and then we'll take on the world next.

Yong: [00:10:00] Yeah, it's going to be amazing because it's going to be this global phenomenon of mommies who are looking for ways to take care of themselves. But like you said, they're not having to have all the extra caffeine and all these things are a jolt to our system. We can put something in our bodies that's good for us so when we show up for our kids, or maybe a second business, or a side hustle, we have the energy that's going to be sustainable and there's not going to be that crash afterwards because so much of what's on the market, I completely stay away from because it is it freaks me out quite honestly about the stuff that is in these products.

Elena: [00:10:39] Yes. And you know our retreat in Atlanta is a perfect example as to how it's meant to work. And in terms of our lives. So we are there to grow our businesses and to collaborate and learn. So there's a lot of very, very like a high value information that's densely packed during the day. In the evening, however we wanted to stay late and socialize and get to know each other. It's so much fun. People are crazy there. I remember cartwheels and you know that outside of the house, you know in the grass. So that was a lot of fun. But. What how can you make sure you have energy for both? And then if you do cartwheels, you know at 12 am at night, how do you have enough energy to focus on what you need to focus the next morning and not die? That is exactly like what it was reasonable or rational people will say well, all you have to do is give up one of them, right? Either like have a sleep during the classes times and learning time and then you have fun in the evening. Or be a reasonable adult and go to bed at you know, godly hours. And some of us were, like very few of us were. So I went to bed at a good time so they could perform the next day. We had presentations, we had speeches, we had amazing experiences. There's a very, very intense learning. So what if you are like me and wants to have it both ways? I want to have personal life and to have fun with my friends and bond with amazing women and men who are there. But on the other hand, I also want to learn and I want to grow and I want to work on my business, so I want to have both of it you know. I don't want to give up either.

Yong: [00:12:23] And I think that's a really important distinction about having it all because society tells moms, a lot of us, that we have to choose like you said. And with this product of MommyGo, we're not having to choose. We can have it all and we can enjoy our lives and we can live our lives fully by being as healthy as possible by fueling or body with good ingredients and not giving ourselves the leftovers. Or grabbing that junky food or the chocolate that we know is not good for us, but we're not in a hurry and we're just grabbing it, going to the next thing.,like Christie said, when she's in the mom taxi going from place to place, it's that easy, super convenient, to pull into any fast food restaurant and grab something. But if you have this product in your purse or maybe just carry them in your car, that would be a huge time savings for one. And also just a boost in your own health and showing our kids that taking care of ourselves is also really important for moms.

Elena: [00:13:27] Yes I have extremely judgmental kids. So if I drink a cola or I drink Red Bull, it's not gonna go down well. So I'll get a lot of judgement. So I have to kind of keep it straight, even if I go to McDonald's, they really judge me for that and then they give me a hard time to keep the really perfect and be a good example and eat healthy. This [MommyGo] is tea leaves. So there's tea leaves and honey. It's only 20 calories. It's extremely healthy for me. It's really good for my body and my mind. And it gives them personal time with me that they crave - all the time so they love it and they actually use it against me now. So if they do want my attention and even if I'm tired, some days I want to be tired, I don't want to do anything, I want to just lay on the couch, but they will actually bring one to me and be like OK it's my time now. Drink that and that let's go. So yeah, I became a victim of my success.

Yong: [00:14:28] I just love that, too, because Kim why our mutual friend who is on right now, she always says about kids, more is caught than taught. And so your boys have seen you do this. They've seen the results, not only in you, but the results for them as far as time together and the quality of your time together. So now they're wanting to say Mom you need this because they know how great it is for you.

Yong: [00:14:55] I want to make sure that for all the mommies out there I want you just to imagine what your day would look like if you could come home from a full day of productive work that you're passionate about and then be able to go on and have more energy for your significant other or with your kids or to be amongst friends if you're traveling. Can you imagine what that would feel and look like in your life versus how it might look today? I definitely want to encourage you all to connect with Elena. Go to an Amazon and grab her new sample pack she has to try out all these yummy flavors because that's the other thing. A lot of the stuff that's on the market tastes terrible. And when you shared MommyGo with me the first thing I thought was OK. I'm not sure. And I tried it and it was really delicious. And so that was like a nice little treat. And so definitely I want everyone to connect with you and find out more because you're running the successful maid service, which is a top 5 percent nationwide, not just in the state of Nevada. Plus now you have this new product which is really building a huge fan base here in the U.S. and you're already looking at these next things. So if we MommyGo is sustaining you at this level, I just can't wait for other mommies who are doing different things and who want to do more in their lives that don't have the energy. I want them to be able to come to you and say, Elena, let me share my story with you.

Elena: [00:16:43] I get that already and this is my favorite aspect of this whole enterprise is just to hear back from all clients how grateful they are and some of the things they can do, it that just blow my mind! They're amazing. They're people who manage big companies. People who are starting their own businesses. People who have ties with their families. Just this morning we got some photos from Zion National Park. Some mommy and actually granny she went to, she she travels the world and she brings MommyGo with her. She brings huge packs of it and drinks it. She doesn't leave the house or the hotel without a bottle of MommyGo. And that's what I find myself to doing. Once I forget it, that's when I go to McDonald's. And there are huge lines in front of McDonald's and that's why they have all these health issues. So I really love the good that MommyGo does to the world. And one of the very important aspects of our enterprise and our product is that we support, with parts of our profit, Healthy Sunrise Foundation, which is a very amazing nonprofit that saves pregnant women and newborn babies. So it was started by my friend. She's a pediatrician and a pediatric nurse practitioner. They used to handle babies in very severe conditions with a lot of diseases, a lot of babies will dying. So it's very heartbreaking of course for them so they decided to catch that upstream and think how do we prevent those babies from being born with severe disabilities or this severe chronic diseases? So they started treating, educating pregnant women and providing basic maternal care. So then by the time they get the babies, oh they're healthy. So it's like that's a perfect solution, a huge success story. And I really love the fact that we are able to support them in this way and make it sustainable.

Yong: [00:18:44] So I want to let what just said sink in for a moment because, here is what it is in a nutshell: Not only can moms have more energy to go do it all and have better relationships with their kids or their significant others after work, they can take better care of themselves, do something for themselves which we often get ourselves last so now they can do that. And number three, when you get MommyGo, you're able to help save other mommies and babies. It's a win-win-win all the way around so I just want to commend you for creating this amazing product for one. But also stepping up and seeing people who need help that you can help and you can use this product to do so.

Elena: [00:19:29] Thank You. I think, where you are including, and a lot of our friends and fellow women entrepreneurs, we all try to kind of heal the world and make it better or fix things that are broken. I mean, that's a normal mom thing and even non-mom thing, it's just a woman thing. That's where we're good at. That's what that's a natural inclination and that's what we do. And I think when we try to collaborate and help each other and uplift the child, that's when the magic happens. I want to, even when I shop nowadays, anything, service, a product, I really think about, who am I supporting? Is in a global corporation that really doesn't care about me or what's going to happen to my health 20 years down the line? All they care about is making a few pennies for me. Or am I supporting a fellow mom who's trying to change the world and make it better and make a big difference, including yourself and that's how the whole enterprise really changed my world view on that. Because I can see in the background, we use for our MommyGo for production, we use major facilities that do like formulation fot bottling or packaging that all the big brands, the big boys use. And I can see what kind of stuff that happens in the background normally. And that's been really eye opening. And so to be able to be a mom and say no this is wrong. I'm not going to do this. We're going to do it right away. We're going to do the wholesome way or do it the good way. I think it just gives me a whole different perspective. And they know every single entrepreneur that within our circle, our mutual circle, thinks in the very same way. They're not going to do things to harm the world. They're doing things to benefit the world. So that's what I love about that. That's why I love about you as well as Kim. Hi Kim.

Yong: [00:21:21] Well thank you for that. I just love it. So for all the Mamas and the non-mamas, maybe there's some daddies watching, or some grandmas, or aunts and uncles, can they drink MommyGo, too?

Elena: [00:21:31] Exactly yes. There's no formal, there's no nothing specific for mommies. A lot of men ask me you know what about DaddyGo? And you can definitely drink it. A lot of daddies do. If they have a chance to grab it and wrestle them away from their wives, they do it and it does work amazingly on them because men also need healthy energy. So it does work. We're actually thinking about creating a separate product to make them feel better and not with MommyGo prominently here. But it will be the same exact thing because men love the flavor. And it does work on them. It's just there, they don't necessarily want to identify as mommies. Some men don't get care. You know, I mean like whatever I can drink anything. I'm still a man, so but you know you want to make it a little bit easier on some of the non-mommies as well.

Yong: [00:22:26] And what about kids? Can kids drink this as well?

Elena: [00:22:30] Yes. So there is some caffeine in this. It's about half of what you have in a cup of coffee. But kids do drink it. In fact, the L-Theanine, which is the amino acid that's naturally contained in matcha or green tea, is made into a supplement normally and it's prescribed to children with anxiety from what I heard from our clients because match has this calming effect. I'm not suggesting that if your kid has anxiety, just you know stick him with MommyGo or matcha tea, but I'm just saying that it's a wholesome and healthy product and kids do. I mean my kids do steal it and drink it. But I try not to let them have it because I want it for myself. But yes I had to buy many cases, so you know, be you know I would be ready to go to a meeting with a vendor or with someone. I've been saving a box on MommyGo in the fridge. It does taste better cold and then I open the box and there's like three bottles in the bottom. And I would say, what happened? And nobody knows anything. It's one of my two kids or my husband. I don't think it was the cat. If one of them drank it, they wouldn't admit who it was. But I know that all tried it and they all love it.

Yong: [00:23:43] That is amazing. So I want to make sure people know where they can go grab MommyGo if they're in the U.S. for now.

Elena: [00:23:52] Yes. So you can go to our website which is MommyGo.co. It's m-o-m-m-y-g-o dot c-o. Or you can goto Amazon and put in MommyGo or you can put natural energy shots. Or you can put matcha shots. We actually just got the Amazon choice label which is a big deal, especially since we fulfill it ourselves and not through Amazon. It was us through the support of the community and all of our clients, including yourself, and we're really, really grateful for that. So we're definitely out there on Amazon all over Amazon now so please give us a try.

Yong: [00:24:29] So good. And once we wrap up this interview if you wouldn't mind coming back in under this video and posting the links so anyone coming back to watch the replay they have access to get this amazing product in their hands. Give it a try because I know for a fact that once you have it you going to be one of those people who are going to be sending Elena a little love letter telling her how it's changed your life. So Elena, I want to know, what's next for MommyGo?

Elena: [00:24:59] Oh great question. So next is we'll have a production. Actually we're beginning to run low on inventory, especially for our rose almond flavor. It's the most popular flavor. So we're kind of scrambling to set up production later this month. It's supposed to be next week but I think it's going to be a couple of weeks and then another bigger production in December. And then once that is set up we're going to hit Amazon hard. And we'll go Amazon Prime which is when the floodgates get opened. And you know we have to ship a massive amount of product to Amazon and let them handle, now that figured out the logistics of it. I feel safer giving it to Amazon and have like opened the gates or a general public. So far, we've done really well, but almost 90 percent of our clients are people who we brought in like our circle, our supporters and people who heard about because I'm Facebook all the time. I'm all over social media. People say what the h**l was this? Yeah I mean it's everywhere. People are liking it but we're the ones who brought all these clients So it's going to be open to a big, like general public, later this quarter. And then we're going to go to brick and mortar stores

Yong: [00:26:16] Fantastic! And this weekend you and I are going to collaborate on a little project you want to tell everyone what that is?

Elena: [00:26:23] Yes I'm so excited! So during the retreat, we got to talk about each other's businesses and then hear each other's presentations. I was blown away by your presentation and your mission in the world. Aside from the fact that your amazing public speaker, one of the best I've ever heard in my life, which I did not at all expect, not because of you, but because you know, I didn't prepare at all for my speech. But you were just polished, so graceful, so engaging and passionate about it. But the fact that what you're trying to do which is take, I don't want to say disability, but it's a negative thing which all of us all of our children are afflicted by, which is just glued to their devices and it's like our off button on you a kid, right? If you don't want him or her, push that button, give them the iPad, they're gone. And so, and of course then mommy guilt kicks in and all that jazz. But I feel like it's really detrimental, in terms of emotional development, personality, engagement, everything is really bad for families and for kids. And the fact they take that and instead of saying, no you're not allowed to use a device, you're saying, look no, use your device but let's create something. Let's make a beautiful product. Let's make a podcast. Let's make a YouTube video. And you know what, my kids especially the youngest one, he already tries to do something on his own. He recorded a whole bunch of videos apparently in a dark room. He posted them on my YouTube channel because that was logged in. So it was very hilarious he didn't know how to do it, right because I don't know how to do it either. I'm not familiar with that stuff. And then my oldest kid, he likes editing videos. So he's been out and he also he's an artist. He likes drawing. So he was doing like this you know like videos that show how to draw and edit and posting them but he says he doesn't know, he doesn't have the knowledge as to how to get either and I don't have an knowledge to teach them. So the fact that you can come and teach me how to collaborate with my own kids and then get them to be creative, to get them to use their brains, their creativity their desire, actually, to produce it apparently. And then I get free labor out of that - free video editing, free podcast support. I think that is just amazing. I love. I love your. I love your mission. I can't wait to learn how to do this and also just what a loved about and it actually it wasn't like you were selling me on that, it's all the people who really took your course and they were like, you have to do that! You have to do it because and I was like, I don't know. I don't want to do the podcast. I guess it's too much work. They said no, no, no, no. The way she teaches you to do is you do very little work for very big impact because you're so hyper-organized and efficient. I'm like, Oh my God I love that idea. I'm all about doing as little as possible and having as big of impact as you can have. Reusing the same work that you did into multiple channels, right? That's the sense I got and that's why I was like yeah, sign me up, sign me up! When are you going to start? So I was really, really excited to sign up and we're gonna do it this weekend. And then I'm going to be doing, oh like the Facebook lives that I'm doing nowadays, they get a lot of use but it's such a, am I allowed to say s**t show? It's shit show because. I. Don't know how to do it. I just sort of stumble into it as I do it just how normally you learn. Unfortunately, Facebook live you're learning who live so everyone watches how you hit the ground with your face. So when I was told that part of that whole course, that you have, which is Podcast in a Weekend, which is only going to take me a few hours to learn, you're gonna teach me how to do Facebook likes in a graceful way so I don't look like a slow moving train wreck. I love that, too. So you know I'm super excited. I'm beyond excited!

Yong: [00:30:35] So much of what you just dove into is so good. The first thing that you have right now is your own production team. Once you learn how to do these things with me, your kids can do it with you. And you can get them to work. And once they can do it for you in a really efficient manner, can you imagine if you have other friends out there who need their help? They can now create their own jobs, their own businesses, as kids.

Elena: [00:30:59] Exactly! Like your kids.

Yong: [00:30:59] Yes. That's what my kids do. I think that's the best gift that we as parents can give to our kids. For those of us who are listening right now, are watching, some of us don't have kids at home right now and that's okay. You can can rent a kid. You can borrow the neighbor's kid. You can borrow a kid from your social circles. We all know a kid in our circles that could use someone to help them navigate life in a more positive manner. And if we can bring them along for the ride and show them the possibilities. I mean these kids are the future so I'm excited that you're onboard to have your kids do this with you because that's where the magic I think happens. We can learn to take a process that in the past has been very manual. We can automate it. So just like you don't want to eat yucky stuff and feed yourself that food and you want something fast, this is the same thing. We're going to do something that used to take a long time. We're going to automate it we're gonna put on autopilot so it works in the background so we can all do the things that we love to do which is collaborate with other people and create more amazing things in this world.

Elena: [00:32:13] Yes I love that. And I think the fact that the kids get to benefit from it and instead of, what I feel about the devices and like being enthralled with just the content online for the kids, is it's almost like you putting them on pause and they're not growing, they're not developing and that's super super heartbreaking and sad for me because I think the child's mind is such a beautiful, gorgeous thing and so to have it kind of kept and not growing it just being static. It's like a biggest waste and that's part of the whole like, our duty as parents and adults is to make sure that that doesn't happen. And of course we are distracted, we're doing other things. But if you just give them the tools and teach now and give them a way to use their brain and to grow I think that's beautiful. You don't have to like do it every day with them but just teach that and do it. And then you can like watch the videos and just like, this is a mazing.

Elena: [00:33:12] Well and now with your product too and put them together it's really this huge quantum leap. Becasue now mommies are going to have the energy to want to do this with their kids. So now you can work together collaboratively as a family. You can really start building amazing memories and building opportunities for our kids to see what they might want to do in the future.

Elena: [00:33:37] Exactly. And our kids, a lot of times, we don't give them enough credit but our kids are extremely capable beings. And for example my oldest that he just turned 18 and he occasionally does graphic designs for me and it's on par with some of the professional graphic designers that I'm hiring. He's an artist right so he has that Like sense as to what is beautiful and well-balanced. So he does that. And you know I told him like all the time you should just make money and doing this just offer it because no one knows you're only 18 online. Online you can be a dog or a cat and still make money. So I think it's the same thing. Just give it give it to the kids and give them enough credit and empower them. and they could change the world because I feel like kids they're so pure. I love children. They are the best humans. And so they, if we can have more children in the world, a bigger presence of children in the world instead of hearing hatred, bullying pain, and all this awful, awful horrible stuff we can imagine if we can hear more like of like oh my god I love the world. What is this? I love my mommy. I love my daddy. You know I it's amazing. You know look at this. I think wouldn't the world be a much better place for all of us to exist? I think it would be.

Yong: [00:35:05] Yes and I think our kids are waiting for permission from us to know that what they have to say and the gifts they have are valuable and that other people need them too.

Elena: [00:35:18] Exactly. And I think one of the other very important aspects is there are some people who are great at what they do, which is for example great podcasting, the technical knowledge, they've really got it dialed in, or they're excellent public speakers, like you are. But there's also like very special breed of people who are great at instruction and teachers. You know, I'm married to a one and I know and I see one and you're one of those rare people who's both. Who is not only good at what she does but is actually excellent at teaching and communicating and like engaging. You have to be an excellent communicator, you have to be engaging, entertaining, you have to your stuff. So you have all these qualities. I'm like super delighted and excited about learning from you.

Yong: [00:36:04] I am excited as well. I want to make sure, too, that people can come and find you and connect with you personally online. Where can they find you?

Elena: [00:36:14] So I'm on Facebook and it's Elena Ledoux. So it's E-L-E-N-A L-E-D-O-U-X and you can actually click through, I guess your podcast, the show thing and I should be on that. Just get me some the friend requests. Don't send me creepy messages. Just send me something nice. I love connecting with people, especially other women, especially other women entrepreneurs, who are trying to change the world. So I love that.

[00:36:50] Elena. I just want to say thank you for creating such an amazing product. For her all the mommies and the women go out there and the daddies, too, and for taking the time to be here with us today to share the story of why you created MommyGo and how you are now partnering with something that is near and dear to your heart to help save more mommies and babies. I just want to say a great big thank you to you.

Elena: [00:37:17] Thank you. And you know I think together we can begin to really make it big and change the world.

Yong: [00:37:23] Absolutely. And for those of you tuning in and watching - all of us together can you imagine if we all come together and we all put our resources together and her passions together - the things we can do together are going to be so much greater than what we can do individually. I want to thank you all for tuning in. I'm Yong Pratt, the Chief Dreamer here at OYC and I just had an amazing conversation with Elena Ladoux, the Tounder of MommyGo. I will catch you all next time. Cheers my friends.


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