Facing our fears…

The 4 letter word that stopped me in my tracks…


Have you ever wanted to do, be, or have something in your life but the voice in your head told you to run the other way?


That’s the voice of f-e-a-r – the 4 letter word that has stopped me in my tracks on numerous occasions.


Fear is the menace that talks us out of what we want most.


Fear is the voice that questions my authority, my audacity, even my self-worth?


I’ve heard the voice of fear so many times in my life. Sometimes I let the fear swallow my hopes and dreams. And such was the case when I first launched my podcast back in 2013.


At the time, my kids were 7 and 10 and we loved getting artsy and crafting together. Back then my podcast, was focused on helping parents understand the importance of the arts for kids and how the arts could aid in brain development and learning, thus the name, Raising smART Kids.


As I continued on this podcasting journey, I wanted to share the art projects my girls and I were creating together. I wanted to peel back the curtains on how we were tapping into the different types of “smart” based on the Theory of Multiple Intelligences from Harvard Professor, Howard Gardner.


Sharing hands on projects without using video became increasingly time consuming – from recording and editing the audio podcast, to taking pictures documenting each step in the creative process, to writing the blog post, to creating images for the blog, and more.  I knew in my heart of hearts I needed to move to video to make the most impact, but the thought of video made me want to run and hide.


Can you relate?


Knowing you need to do something but the mere thought of it makes you want to hide or literally run the other way.


And so it was with me and video. My fear of making video and being on camera stopped me for continuing my podcasting journey just 39 episodes into my top-rated podcast on iTunes with thousands of downloads. I became a statistic – the majority of people that start podcasts never make it to their 100th episode…


All because of fear.


I didn’t even tell my listeners about my fears because I thought it would make me look “weak.”


I just stopped podcasting all together and walked away from that world.


I felt defeated. I had let fear stop me from doing the one thing I knew would help me help more people. I had failed as a podcaster. I hadn’t yet bought into the notion that failures are merely lessons so I carried that failure around with me for 3 years.


Then something wonderful happened –  I mustered enough courage to return to podcasting – this time using video AND a publishing my first book. I already had so much on my plate – moving my performing arts studio into a new brick and mortar space one month before our year end concert, registering new students for our upcoming summer sessions, and mom life to name a few things.


I had every reason in the world to say NO to doing live video, but the truth is, I was so busy doing all the things, I forgot the fear of live video. I just did it.


Today, I’m here to remind you that we all have fears. It’s our challenge to lean in, face the fears, and do the thing anyway.


If you’re been afraid to share YOUR voice with the world, letting your fears win, it’s time to take a stand and proclaim that enough is enough.


It’s time to stop playing small.


It’s time to be who I know I’m meant to become.


It’s time to stand center stage being confident in my truth.


It’s time to get out of my comfort zone and do something BIG with the rest of 2018.


If you’re ready to face your fears, let’s do it together. I could certainly use your help, too and I have 3 ways we can walk this journey of facing our fears together.


Option #1: Podcast in a Weekend

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Option #2: 100 Days of Facebook Live

Join Tasha Cole AKA Tasha Knows, host of the Break the Cycle Podcast as we broadcast live on FB for 100 days in a row. This free challenge begins December 10 and was created to get us all outside our comfort zone, facing our fears of showing people who we are using live video. Join the free challenge today. BTW, there will be prizes 🙂


Option #3: Podcast in a Weekend + 100 Day Challenge = YOU 2.0: Bigger, badder, and more bolder than ever!


This is the ultimate recipe for showing the world who you really are. Face your fears of live video by going live with Tasha and I everyday for 100 days and then learn how to use those videos for your very own podcast and more. The possibilities from participating in this dynamic duo are truly endless!!!