About Dr. Marnie Ginsberg, Ph.D.

She is a reading teacher and researcher, writer and blogger, and wife and mom. Marnie have always loved to read, and noticed early on that many children either do not like to read or are not very good at it, or both.  As she considered this a problem…a big problem…she set off to become to a teacher to change that. Just a little dream!


As a public middle school teacher in the 90’s, Marnie discovered that a focus on motivation and a reading workshop approach was still insufficient to overcome the hurdles facing many of her students who lacked early reading skills.  So, she began a private tutoring and consulting business and studied literacy further through doctoral studies at the University of North Carolina (UNC).  All along the way, she kept reading about the latest research or great teaching ideas and kept tinkering with her instruction. At UNC, she led the development of a unique K-2 reading intervention that provided webcam-based PD and coaching to teachers who deliver instruction to struggling readings in their classrooms.  Outcomes in multiple studies in top-tier research journals have demonstrated strong outcomes for struggling K-1 readers in all reading measures, including comprehension–effect sizes of .4 to .7 for the stats-geeks among us.

Based on those experiences working classroom teachers in multiple states and working with children herself, the seeds for Reading Simplified were planted.


Today Marnie live with her husband and three girls near snowy Madison, WI, where she became a big fan of the sun and Vitamin D for the first time. She like to read blogs and books, watch her kids’ soccer or volleyball games, walk and do yoga or pilates, and futz with the paleo approach. And, she aim to follow Christ.

[6:09] How is your program makes reading simple and efficient?


[7:57] What is the best way we can introduce our kids when they are little?


[11:16] Where can we start to help pick our kids and move them forward specially when they are older?

[15:60] How can we teach our older kids to keep that interest and help them continue in reading?

[22:26] How do we understand are kids in a certain reading level?

[26:31] Does your blog post go into how parents administer?

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