For the past 17 years, Leah has been the owner and managing director of the music and dance suite, with 2 locations in Naperville and Plainfield Illinois. After a successful career as a performer, Leah has devoted her life to spreading the joy of the arts. She is the wife of another music entrepreneur and the mother of 3 grown musicians and believes “You’re Never Too Old to Twinkle”

[1:35] The age of when Leah was first introduced to music.

[3:36] How it might be a better time to start a musical instrument before 4th Grade.

Suzuki triangle- The parent, the student, and the teacher.

[11:26] Advice for starting to play an instrument.

[15:53] Top three skills that help kids succeed in school that they can only learn from the arts.

Suzuki’s quotes
“You’re never too old to twinkle”
“You can start at 1 or 100, you’re never too old”

016 - Leah Jozwiak - Raising smART Kids Podcast

[20:51] Why it is important for kids to be involved in the arts.
“It’s not wrong, its different.”

[34:55] Best way to reach Leah.

[35:26] Parting advice for parents that are busy but know that the arts are something they want to incorporating into their kid’s life.

016 - Leah Jozwiak - Raising smART Kids Podcast