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I challenge YOU!

Have you ever committed to doing something that was more than just a little bit scary? Have you ever leaned into your fears to accomplish something great? Have you ever done an about face and ran from the things that scared you even when you knew they'd help you grow,...

And the award goes to….

Last night I was honored to receive an award from our town's mayor. Tune in to find out what the award is for and my takeaways from the event.

How to Find Yourself at Any Age with Sheri Dyas-Mellott.

How to Find Yourself at Any Age with Sheri Dyas-Mellott. Have you ever been stuck in a rut? Maybe you feel you're too old/too young to do that thing you've been dreaming of since you were little? On today's podcast, Sheri Dyas Mellott shares 3 tips to find yourself at...

Facing our fears

Facing our fears... The 4 letter word that stopped me in my tracks...   Have you ever wanted to do, be, or have something in your life but the voice in your head told you to run the other way?   That’s the voice of f-e-a-r - the 4 letter word that has stopped me in my...

Letting go is hard to do.#day3offblive #shemademediit

Letting go is hard to do. If you've ever had to let something or someone go in your life, you'll know how hard it can be. This weekend, I let go of a task in my mom life and let me hubby step in and the results were nothing short of amazing. What things do YOU need to...

Hi I’m Yong, the Chief Dreamer here at Our Young Creators. I’m a tech-savvy business owner of 17-years, a former professional dancer, world traveler, multiple degree holder, podcaster, author, animal lover, and all around curious soul.
My daughters (14 and 11) and I help families put an end to bickering over time spend devices by teaching kids and parents to harness the power of their tech to become creators not just consumers. Our students go on to create their own podcasts, serve others, and get paid to fund their own adventures.

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