Ready to give your child a brighter future? A brighter future begins today.

Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

– Dr. Seuss

Around Here

We celebrate every child’s unique gifts…
We inspire greatness….
We equip kids to go out into the world bravely…
We are privileged to sit alongside the next generations of innovation, entrepreneurs, and leaders…

Not every child fits in...

to the traditional school mold or will excel in that environment. And that’s okay.

There are 8 distinct learning archetypes, which we refer to as Super Powers, yet schools teach and test to only 2 of these.

Let’s teach our kids to follow their own path. Let’s teach them that who they are and what they bring to the world is unique and special. Let’s not focus on weaknesses, but celebrate strengths, together at Our Young Creators. This is the guiding philosophy that drives everything we do here at Our Young Creators – celebrating unique gifts and strengths. I dive deep into these ideas Raising a Superhero: How to Unleash Your Child’s 8 Super Powers and Propel Learning Through the Arts. It’s a Call to Arms for Parents to own the educational experience your child has and and celebrate your child fully.

Equipping Kids for a Brighter Future

Kids Can Change the World

In his TEDxEdmonton talk, Cameron Herold shares his story of not fitting in and how it led to his life as an entrepreneur. Fostering entrepreneurism in our kids is the key. He says “I think kids can change the world as entrepreneurs.”

Want to get kids OFF their devices?

What if there’s a better way?

We Believe That

By combining kids’ desire to use technology

and teaching them marketable skills, we can turn screen time into creation time…

Let's transform screen time into an opportunity...

to serve others…

to build a brighter future…

to fund their dreams…

Being Intentional With Technology

Technology is not inherently bad and need not be avoided. In fact, we believe that technology can be used as a common language between parent and child.

Kids have increasing access to the world wide web so let’s harness that enthusiasm for social connection, discovering one’s identity, and an uncanny understanding of technology and use those driving forces for good.

Our Young Creators equips kids with the knowledge to use technology to help others and change lives, especially their own lives.

Questions that guide and inspire us...


Why Blend Arts & Technology Together for Kids?

We are merging the arts with technology to help raise great kids who’ll become the innovators and leaders of the future.


Is there really a way to use technology positively?

We teach kids to be intentional with the use of technology by equipping them with the necessary skills to face this challenge head on with real life skills.


Can you truly keep your kids safe online?

Keeping kids safe online is important for all of us and it runs at the heart of all our classes. It will require open and honest communication, supervision, learning, and most of all, trust.


Can kids really create their own businesses?

Yes! Let’s work together and give our kids extraordinary opportunities to use their creativity and problem solving skills to dream bigger.


What if your child could fund their own future?

By harnessing the power of the arts and applying it through the use of technology, kids can learn to help others in need AND get paid.


How do I get my kid started?

We’re so glad you asked! Take a look at our SERVICES to find out more about our programs and register for classes.

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