Podcast Episode 060 Wake to Make with Lilah HigginsLilah Higgins is a Brand Designer to Creative Business Owners & Coaches. When she’s not chasing around her babies or working alongside her techie husband, she is providing her clients with logos & branding that converts and design consultation. She drinks her coffee iced and enjoys opening her home to people and telling the stories of Makers & Creatives. She’s also the founder of the #waketomake hashtag on Instagram.

[1:24] Lilah’s Journey into the arts.

[4:23] How are you planning to be able to equip your child the opportunities to really take their unique gifts in their own direction?

[9:03] As an artist, what do you feel that art provide kids in regular classes at school.

[18:00] What is your advice to people who tell themselves they aren’t creative?

[20:52] Tell me a little bit about how that movement started, Where it began and where is it today?

[22:52] Tell us about the new course that you are offering and tell as more about what you created?

[28:20] One final parting piece of advice for parents.

Find out more information about Lilah’s new course at www.waketomake.com/