With a title like, Kickbutt Leadership, you can quickly get a sense of what you might hear on Coni Meyer’s new podcast.

A recent graduate of Podcast in a Weekend, Coni brings years of experience in the area of Mindfulness Leadership to people looking to shift into leadership roles at home, at work, and beyond. Whether you’re a parent, employee, entrepreneur, or elsewhere on your life’s journey, this is a podcast that needs to be on your podcast player.

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Coni Meyers - Our Young Creators

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Yong : [00:01:33] Hello everybody and welcome back. I am so glad you are tuning in live, catching the replay, or listening on the podcast. My name is Yong Pratt and I am the Chief Creamer and Podcaster right here at Our Young Creators. Here OYC, we love helping people harness the power of technology to learn to become creators and not just consumers on the devices we all carry around with us every day. Today, we have a special guest. She’s another graduate of Podcast in a Weekend and I am thrilled to introduce all of you to Coni Meyers. Her new podcast is called Kickbutt Leadership, so if that doesn’t tell you something about this amazing woman, I don’t know what will. Coni I want to welcome you to the show.

Coni: [00:02:33] Thank you so much for having me, Yong. I really, I’ve loved getting to know you and I’ve been following your podcasts now and I love every bit of it.

Yong : [00:02:43] Thank you so, so much. And I am excited for your podcast because it has such a great name, first of all. It really speaks to how you view leadership. Can you take us on a little story and tell us how you got to this place a your business?

Coni: [00:03:04] Well it really started when my husband passed away and I had to change my life. My life is 180 degrees different from what it is today. And I discovered that I’ve helped thousands of people with their businesses, both individually as well as as for the business itself, and I really found that my true passion was really creating leadership that is 21st century because leadership for the past was so different. It was like a dictatorship or from the top down and now it’s not that way at all. True leadership is about supporting the people that are part of your team or the following you and helping to lift them up. I love our friends, Kim White. She always talks about how when the water rises the boats rise as well. A true leader makes sure that water is always rising. And I did a retreat back in January of 2017 where it was for the National President of Women’s Council of Realtors, for her Executive Team, and she wanted me to talk about Mindfulness Leadership and Emotional Intelligence. And I started doing research and totally believing in the whole mindfulness thing anyway, but what I didn’t realize was there was so much scientific backup to prove that mindfulness thinking and mindfulness leadership truly makes a difference in both, one’s life as well as their professional lives. So that kind of where Kickbutt came from, however when you say mindfulness leadership, some people’s eyes roll and they’re thinking, oh God, is going to be more woo-woo stuff. So, I called it Kickbutt because it really does kick up your leadership a big notch.

Yong : [00:04:56] You have a really good point about this word of mindfulness because it does seem one of those catchy words and lots of people are using it and I think lots of people are using it incorrectly. So tell us what mindfulness means to you?

Coni: [00:05:13] Mindfulness, in a nutshell, is staying in the present moment. So when you have mindfulness thinking you’re not thinking about the future, you’re not thinking about the past, you’re thinking about where you need to be, where you are right now. And by coming from the present moment you are able to make better decisions. You’re not worrying, you’re not stressed. There’s been amazing studies done about how being mindful in your business can increase your bottom line, save you all kinds of money, and just increase and improve the relationships you have with both your team members as well as your clients and customers.

Yong : [00:05:57] That sounds amazing! It sounds like what everybody wants. I love that the word mindfulness to you is about being in the present. You said it’s not about stressing about the future or the past , but being totally in it – in the moment and living from this moment and leading from there I think that’s a beautiful way to describe mindfulness.

Coni: [00:06:18] Well thank you. The word Kickbutt came about because there is such scientific proof now and it’s so strong. As a matter of fact, I don’t remember who said it, one of the quotes was it’s not a nice thing to have or be a mindfulness leader it’s a must-have in today’s companies in leadership roles. So is it really something that we all need to pay attention to. The bottom line is that you can be a mindful leader without taking any additional minutes out of your already busy life. You do it in the moment while you’re doing all your other tasks.

Yong : [00:07:01] Can you give us an example of how a leader of a business may use your topic of mindfulness in their business today?

Coni: [00:07:10] Absolutely. One of my favorites is when you get ready to start meeting, first of all, as you’re walking to the meeting or if you’re waiting for people to come in, take just 2 minutes to breathe. That’s it. Do your breath, that brings you to the present moment. Then, when everybody is together for the meeting, ask something personal of each person. So maybe something fun. I have one person I’ve interviewed. She actually started her book club when she starts her meetings, she has a conversation some character in the book. Because what that does is that brings everybody in the present moment. And so that’s a good example. Same thing if you’re making a phone call. Maybe it’s a really important phone call or you want to make a sale, or maybe it’s a difficult phone call where something’s gone wrong. If you just stop and breathe and then think about the outcome of what you want – be grateful for whatever that outcome is that you want. Before you make that phone call and it’s been proven that more in meetings, the meetings are more creative. They last for less time, and people are way more productive. When it comes to the phone call, the outcome from that phone call will change based upon what it is that you put out into the world. That you are coming from the present moment you’re not coming from something else.

Yong : [00:08:44] Oh, that is so good because the idea of taking these couple minutes to breathe, I think is so important, because I know for me personally when I start to get stressed, if I have to go to a meeting, you know I don’t breathe very well to begin with because I’m taking it slow, shallow breaths mostly and it’s doing nothing to help me to be calm and to be the leader I need to be. I need to start setting a clock and reminding myself to take those two minutes before I dive into anything, not just leading a team but just for everything because I think we’re all in that cycle of not taking enough breaths deeply and mindfully throughout the day. But I think it does have a magical way of bringing us back to the present because we’re focusing on ourselves we’re focusing on that outcome like you said and we’re focusing on that gratitude. And I think that bit it is also really important and often missing when I interact with leaders because they’re not thinking about that. And you can definitely tell, energetically, where someone’s coming from.

Coni: [00:09:56] And you make a really huge point, Yong because if a leader is coming from stress or coming from worry or coming from not sure where something’s going to go, the best solution is to be grateful for what that outcome to be. To me, when I started practicing that, and this is a process for me, I was one of those typical workaholics where I, you know, went, went, went, went, went and didn’t stop to breathe. And was always on to the next thing, rather than stopping and appreciating where I was and being grateful what I had. As soon as I switched that in my own mind and really, it’s only two minutes of breathing. I mean that we’re not talking, we can do that while were brushing their teeth and we can do that while we’re while we’re taking a shower, when we’re combing our hair, putting our lipstick on, before we have a seat. It could be incorporated into whatever things doing in our lives. It really is crazy. Just remember to do that.

Coni: [00:11:03] I love your idea of setting an alarm. I tell people for every hour and a half, two hours where they just stop and breathe. That brings them back to the present moment.

Yong : [00:11:15] That’s such a good tip and really, kind of leads me into the podcast, because even in our time together, these few minutes already, you’ve given us so many actionable tips and I know your podcast has so much more to offer of these tips we can take action and implement into our lives that moment. Can you tell us a little bit about the podcast, who it’s for, and when we can expect new episodes?

Coni: [00:11:42] Well I’m working on wanting a podcast now for a couple of years and I’m so grateful for you to make that happen. The Kickbutt Leadership Podcast is going to be all about interviews that I do with leaders that are highly respected and and what they do to keep themselves mindful and how to be a great Kickbutt leader. So there’s interviews. Each interview is going to be from a different background. I am really involved in the real estate industry so a lot of them will be highly recognizable leaders in the industry that we all can learn from, but also leaders outside of the industry. So I’m really excited about it and I’ll be doing some that I’m just going to have I’ll have hardcore tips that somebody can print out something and take with them as a reminder. So I’m really excited. And my next podcast I’m hoping will be available in two weeks.

[00:12:45] Amazing. Yes, you’re making so many huge strides to get this podcast out into the world because I think people really need to hear your approach on leadership because it’s so different from so much of what is available out there and what some of the experts are out there touting. I really just love the way you frame it all together. And if someone is watching this live, or catching the replay, or listening on the podcast and they’re thinking, well you know I’m not a business owner, I’m not an entrepreneur, or I’m not a leader in my life I work for somebody else. What would you tell them about this podcast and maybe why they should listen, too?

Coni: [00:13:27] This podcast is actually designed for individuals. I mean, what I’m going to be talking about, you can use with your kids. You can use it in your personal life as much as your professional life because no matter what, we are leaders. We are leaders of our own lives. If we are an employee of a company by being a better leader in our own lives, we’ll be a better employee. In my end we’ll be able to influence. You know our range of energy influence is quite large. And so if we come into work or if we approach our teenage kids with the right mindfulness attitude, of gratitude, then everybody around us, their attitude is going to change, because it’s very addictive. That’s one of the things I love about you as you always have a smile on your face. You always have a positive attitude and I can tell that you come from mindfulness, whether or not you realize it or not.

Coni: [00:14:25] Well that’s a really good, interesting point too because as I’m listening to you talk to thinking about this word, leaders for so long in my life and even in my business, I never recognized myself as a leader. But like you pointed out, whether you have kids or you’re going to work for somebody else, principles you’re teaching are all about how to show up bigger and better in our own lives, no matter what our occupation is. I love it.

Coni: [00:14:54] Absolutely. I think there’s any take away from this this conversation, it is that we all are leaders and we all share with our with our mindfulness attitudes of gratitude. So excellent point.

[00:15:11] I love it. And Angie thank you so much. I’m glad you’re tuning in live. I know you know that Coni is a total rock star when it comes to mindfulness and leadership. So I’m so grateful today for having the opportunity to to chat with you Coni. And I cannot wait for the world to really dive in to this meaty topic that you’re breaking down in little bite-size actionable, chunks for them so they can be a better person, they can be a better leader and maybe they can start seeing themselves as a leader even if they don’t feel like one today. And I think that subtle shift is going to make huge, huge remarkable changes in people’s lives.

Coni: [00:15:56] Well I’m really excited about it. I cannot wait for it. I’m just waiting for it to go live on iTunes and other spots and as soon as it is I’ll be putting it out to the world and the sooner for me the better, because I’m so excited. I’m biting at the bullet here.

Yong : [00:16:12] While people are waiting for this to show up on iTunes and all their other favorite platforms, where can they come and connect with you and find you, and glean your amazing wisdom?

Coni: [00:16:24] My Facebook page is Coni, and Coni is spelled C-O-N-I Myers, M-E-Y-E-R-S, Founder of Crystalline Moments Success Movement. But that’s my business page on Facebook. I also have a Coni Myers personal page but then my website is www.KickbuttLeadership.com and there’s actually a free seven daily practices that they can get from the website and pull it down. It talks about things you can do each day and starts with breathing.

Yong : [00:17:00] And what a gift that is for all of us. So definitely if you are listening today I want you to go over to Coni’s website and grab those seven days of instruction because you can make really huge shifts, especially in your mindfulness, in your consciousness, in a very short span of time. Most people think it takes forever and years and years of study and you know quiet meditation. And I know from you that’s not the case that we can really, once we start thinking about this thought, we can make that internal shift and everything starts changing. So Coni when we’re down I would love for you to come back and put all of your links directly underneath this video and if you are listening over other podcasts I would love for you to come back to our website, OurYoungCreators.com where you can find this episode with Coni in video format as well as audio format and even some text if you prefer to read. Now Coli, before we wrap up is there one piece of advice you can give to listeners about becoming a better leader?

Coni: [00:18:09] The bottom line is being grateful for where you are and what you have right now. When you come from gratitude, you become a good leader. And coupling that with a good vision. Those are the those are the two things. Being grateful and having a clear vision of where you want to go either personally or professionally, those those two things are are key to being a very successful Kickbutt Leader.

Coni: [00:18:38] So you’ve heard me here first. Leading with gratitude and having a vision can help you become a better leader, today, not tomorrow but today. Coni, I want to thank you so much for your time. I am super excited for this podcast to air out on all these platforms. I’m even more excited to meet you in person this weekend which is super exciting. I think everybody who has been tuning in live. Angie thank you for being here, I’m so glad you were here to watch this interview live. Thank you for listening on the podcast. My name is Yong Pratt. I’ve been here having a conversation with Coni Myers all about her new podcast, Kickbutt Leadership. Thank you everyone and I’ll catch you very soon. Cheers!