1 Moment Wiser with Kristi Bridges

Podcasting has literally changed my life and has opened up so many possibilities I could never have imagined.

And now it’s my incredible honor to see podcasting opening doors for our Podcast in a Weekend graduate – and in such a short span of time.

Today’s guest, Kristi Bridges recently launched her podcast, 1 Moment Wiser and it’s available on iTunes along with many more platforms.

I invite you to help Kristi get into the iTunes New and Noteworthy section by subscribing, reviewing, and rating her podcast.

About 1 Moment Wiser: You’re smart—you choose good things all the time. You’re human—sometimes your choices become regrets. Spend time with us to understand yourself, communicate better, enjoy your relationships and follow your Creator’s lead. Moment by Moment, you’ll love your life!

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Intro: [00:00:07] What began as an experiment to bring my 11-year-old daughter into my business has evolved into Our Young Creators. A podcast, a training center, and a movement dedicated to equipping kids with real-world, marketable skills so that they can fund their own brighter futures. We’re here to inspire you to turn consumption time on devices into creation time and use technology as a tool to bond and not bicker with your kids. Join us each week as we share the inner workings of our partnership and bring you stories from guests of all ages and from all walks of life on our quest to nurture and to celebrate Our Young Creators

Yong: [00:01:33] Hello everyone and welcome. I am so glad that you are tuning in live, catching the replay, or listening to this episode over on the podcast because it’s really special. Today, I have another amazing guest and I just love to really talk about my students because they are doing the most amazing things out there in the world. And today’s guest is no different.

Yong: [00:02:05] Before I introduce her, I want to make sure that if this is your first time listening or tuning in to us, my name is Yong Pratt. I am a 17-year performing arts studio owner turned Chief Dreamer and Podcaster right here at Our Young Creators. Here at OYC, we love helping people harness the power of technology to show up bigger in the world and make a bigger impact. And one of our favorite ways to do that is through podcasting.

[00:02:44] Our guest today is Kristi Bridges. Kristi just graduated from our Podcast in a Weekend Class and I couldn’t be more proud. Kristi I am so glad you said yes to podcasting and yes to chatting about this journey of yours LIVE TODAY.

Kristi: [00:03:05] I am so glad you taught that course. When I thought of podcasting, it sounded like something I really wanted but I couldn’t fit it anywhere else into my schedule. And you showed us easy, easy ways to multipurpose our videos and other things. You made every step just seamless and I really appreciate that. I teach myself and so you can tell when someone really knows how to teach and when someone just has information to share. And you really do know how to teach. I appreciate that.

Yong: [00:03:42] Well thank you. I’ve been doing it now for more than 20 years so it definitely is nice to kind of come full circle. When I started teaching, I started with adults and then went to kids and now I’m back to adults again. So it’s been a really fun journey to be able to teach all these different ages. And now that I get to share this love that I have of really becoming smart with our marketing so that we’re not having to spend hours and hours and hours doing something like a podcast when we can use something like a live video to share with people on a podcast so if they’re on the go, they can still tune in.

Kristi: [00:04:22] Yes! For me, marketing is just not my favorite thing. I want to create. But I don’t want to create ad after ad and podcasting makes marketing so much easier because it’s fun! It’s a way that I can give value to my listeners and actually just have a conversation with somebody interesting and not feel like I’m just saying, buy this, buy this, buy this.

Yong: [00:04:49] I agree. I love that fact about podcasting and live video because it is so conversational. People can tune in and they can watch when it’s convenient for them and then we’re able to make a bigger impact and serve the world. Can you share with everybody what your background is and how you got to this place of wanting to become a podcaster?

Kristi: [00:05:12] Well sure. You know it’s funny I was thinking the other day about how different our youthful ideas of how we’re going to use our gifts are. I was in a first-grade play and I was going to graduate high school someday and be a movie star. That was just my goal all the way through school until I fell in love and got married and didn’t run off to California. But you know, there was the gift and the passion for speaking to people and being in front of people and being ok with being in front of people that I’ve been using ever since I was, I led a few bands and then I started thinking I want to say more than what I’m able to say in a song. Although songwriting is still a passion of mine, there’s so much wisdom that I want to share with people not necessarily that I’m ever so wise but I’ve been observing all my life. Where people go wrong and where they go right and how we can make better decisions for ourselves and how we can incorporate certain things into our habits and into our communication style so that we can live more wisely and have a happier, more fulfilling life. So after the music, I started a business called 1 Moment Wiser where I can write and speak and help people find those little tweaks in their life, you know make those little adjustments, that make for a happy life and podcasting was just a natural outflow of that.

Yong: [00:06:48] I love that! The title of your podcast is 1 Moment Wiser and I love that you’re helping people make those small changes because sometimes those small changes are the hardest to do that have the biggest impact. So I first want to say congratulations to you for taking your message beyond your local area and now being able to share your gifts with the world that is a huge accomplishment.

Kristi: [00:07:16] It feels good. Thank you.

Yong: [00:07:19] My pleasure. Can you tell us who you create this podcast for?

Kristi: [00:07:27] Sure. I do a daily video. There is a scripture verse and a discussion and that’s for those people that want just a little bite-sized devotional so that they can feel close to God but also make good decisions for their lives. I started the pilot has for a wider audience to have an interview, a short interview, about 15 minutes long with someone who is living wisdom in some unique way. For example, when I interviewed Coni Myers, she created the Kickbutt Leadership Course and she’s living wisdom with mindfulness and a peace that we could all use a little of and so she shared a tip for how to actually increase your brain power and your peace at the same time. And when I interviewed Angela Stillwell, she actually showed us some posture moves that increase our self-confidence and reduce our stress hormones. Then when I interviewed you, you talked about how you can help your children. You could actually bond with your children overusing technology boy I tell you raising children we always need help with that. And so each of you have different aspects of wisdom to share, but it’s applicable to all areas of life. And I’ve enjoyed it very much!

Yong: [00:08:51] And I love that too and I want to point that out everyone who is watching or listening, that everybody, every person was put on this planet with special gifts, special talents. We’ve lived through different lessons in life and now I feel that each person has a moral responsibility to open up and show you that. So I think that’s a really important takeaway that no matter what your background is, the lessons you have learned, the different careers you may have had – all of those little pieces together make you who you are and that needs to be shared with the world because there is somebody out there waiting to hear from you because you’ve lived these things you’re going through now and to know that there is someone on the other side of the ear buds gets us – who understands. That is the power of podcasting.

Kristi: [00:09:47] It really is. And you know, for years, I thought some day I want to write a book. But it was always some day because I didn’t feel like I had anything different to say than what had already been said. And then I started to realize we respond to a voice we can identify with. We respond to someone whose story sounds a little bit like ours or you know maybe they went through a different story that something about them connects with us. So it doesn’t matter if someone else has told the same truth that you have to tell. People will identify with you and you will have an impact on their life in a way that nobody else could.

Yong: [00:10:32] That is so so important and a huge take away. If you take nothing else away from this interview, know that even though your story may me similar to somebody else’s, maybe you’ve done the same coursework or you’ve been in the same occupation, it doesn’t matter because you’re bringing what is uniquely you to the world and again a podcast has the capacity to reach people, not only in the US or in Canada, but really worldwide and that is really, really something so special about this medium.

Kristi: [00:11:07] I agree. I will say I was just preparing for a retreat that I’m going to speak out this weekend. I guess I get to see you there. And I was thinking about the fact that you know when we share what we’ve been gifted to share, it’s not, we can’t just go off on opinions right? We have a lot of opinions, but when you share about podcasting you share specific usable things that people can do. That class was full of useful things that I could instantly apply. When I share about wisdom, I’m able to share about communication skills, like literal things that we can say, or things we can understand about ourselves or about others – things that we can in ways that we can double check ourselves so it’s not just opinion but we’ve verified that this is actually functional or that this actually works. And so when you create something, you probably start out with a passion for it but then you’re able to do the research and to learn a little more about it. And pretty soon, people go oh my goodness this is the expert I want to listen to. This is the person who has the stuff that I need.

Yong: [00:12:29] I really just appreciate that, too, because you mentioned communication. I think oftentimes communication is something that people don’t think about because, you know we start talking from the time we are little so of course we can communicate. But when we start listening to people’s voice inflections, we start taking into account their body language and those little tips that you’re giving them on your podcast and your guests are bringing – those action will take away tips are so huge because the world is full of lots of very long and verbose people who have amazing things to share but who has two hours to listen to that? Sometimes we can make the time, but I just love that you’re doing bite-sized things, 15, 20 minutes and these are conversations so people really can listen, they can internalize it, and then they can immediately take action because it is the action taking that is going to get us to whatever our next step is.

Kristi: [00:13:29] Agree.

Yong: [00:13:32] And can you tell us when you are releasing your podcasts?

Kristi: [00:13:37] Sure. So we’re sort of at the beginning it hasn’t, it’s been a lot and then a wait. But there are podcasts available for listening now and then on the 29th, I am interviewing, it’s Saturday morning and 9:00 a.m. I’m interviewing a woman, Sandy McCullough, who actually has an etiquette school but she also teaches financial acumen and just general things that we need to learn that will help us be more successful in job interviews, in careers, and in our own businesses. So she is fascinating and she’ll be on the 29th, Saturday morning. My podcast generally or every other Saturday at 9:00 a.m. about 15 to 20 minutes long.

Kristi: [00:14:33] That is awesome and I love that Sandy is sort of the perfect person to come on your podcast because like many of us, she has many passions and she teaches on many things which sometimes I think we feel like we are stuck in this box. We are known for one thing and that’s all we do. We both know that there are so many things that make us who we are and different passions we can share. And I think the more that we can share about all those different parts of us, the better that people on the receiving end get to know us and understand, like you mentioned before, that we’re like them or they’re like us. So we have something we can connect over. And I think, especially in the online world, that is a really key component to building a business of any kind.

Kristi: [00:15:25] I agree. And she actually, you know it’s funny because no matter how many facets of something people teach there’s usually some common thread. Her common thread just really seems to be a kind of a grace and dignity in a self-containment that is just gorgeous to see. I really like it. I have to correct myself I said the podcasts are every other Saturday morning at [9:00]. The Facebook Live videos are every other Saturday morning at [9:00]. The podcasts are posted right after those are over so it might be [9:30] when you’ll be able to listen to that.

Yong: [00:15:57] Fantastic. I’ll make sure after the interview if you want to come back and you know share where people can listen to the podcast live or listen to it on a replay, I would definitely appreciate that. I know Tara who is tuning in right now had to run but I wanted to make sure, Tara, that you know that the podcast has created is called 1 Moment Wiser and Tara I think that this podcast will be so so good for you on your journey of homeschooling and raising your four babies.

Kristi: [00:16:29] Oh, homeschoolers are wonderful. If I had raised children, I would have wanted to do that totally. My sister’s doing a bang-up job of it right now.

Yong: [00:16:39] It’s amazing. I have such respect for homeschooling parents. We did it for a short time. Now my kids are back in school and they’re quite happy there so I don’t think we’ll make any adjustments there. But I definitely know that the power of homeschooling is just so incredible on kids these days and the opportunities they have versus the traditionally schools.

Yong: [00:17:01] Now Kristie, if there is someone out there who is thinking to themselves, you know I have something to share. I have a special talent. I have a special way that I do something and they’re thinking maybe a podcast is something that they could do, too, what would you recommend to them?

Kristi: [00:17:19] Sure I definitely would recommend trying the podcast. We are in an era that we’ve never had this kind of ability to try things out and see what happens like we do now. And so definitely try the podcast. Plan a little bit so that you sound as professional as possible but don’t fault yourself if you’re a little goofy the first time or two. That just is normal. Be authentic and you know it really helps if you can choose good people to join you in the podcast so that it’s not all the pressure on you.

Yong: [00:18:03] Absolutely. Those are really great pieces of advice and I think becoming a podcaster now, because of technology, has become a little bit easier. And especially when you come together with other people who want to do the same. And they’re leading with their heart for service and serving others. That’s really the bottom line. Everyone who’s gone through our course, everyone has such a huge heart. They’re giving so much of themselves on their live videos and to their clients and in their everyday dealings. I just think it’s the perfect place then to be able to serve more and serve bigger and really just I always use this word, to make a bigger impact, because if more people have access to your 1 Moment Wiser and they can get some information, they can take action on immediately. I mean the ripple effect of that is just astronomical and I just get so excited talking about this topic. So if you’re listening and you want to create a podcast, or maybe you want to bring your kids into this journey, I do that personally, my kids help me in everything that we do and it’s such a great experience to not only bond, but really to teach them skills they can take with them after they leave the house.

Kristi: [00:19:26] That is a future building a bunch of skills is not just the tech. It’s the self-presentation. It’s the creative planning so many things and the reliability. There’s so many things that build the kind of character that that will help build their careers. I love it and take Yong’s podcasting – Podcast and a Weekend was so fun with the group involvement and just the really easy bite-sized actionable he says. I’m so glad you did it.

Yong: [00:19:58] Thank you and I’m so glad you said yes to that. And before we wrap up and we have to run to your next class, can you let everyone know where they can connect with you online.

Kristi: [00:20:08] Oh certainly. So in most, well pretty much any podcast service that you use, it’s going to be the number one, the actual numeral 1 Moment Wiser. And on Facebook and Twitter it’s also 1 Moment Wiser and YouTube. And then the Website is 1momentwiser.com.

Yong: [00:20:31] Fantastic. And for those of you listening, definitely reach out. Listen to the podcast. And here’s what I would ask of you if you are listening. I would love to help Kristi gets you were really great place inside of iTunes and the way she can get to this really special spot called, New and Noteworthy, is that the more people who subscribe to podcast and who leave a review and are rating, that’s going to elevate her inside of iTunes and let her podcast be seen by more people. So I hope you’ll join me in doing all those steps – subscribing, rating, and reviewing the podcast because it is one that people need to hear. These little moments of wisdom. We all need to be reminded from time to time and Kristi’s podcast and her guests are definitely going to help us remember things about ourselves, to improve our lives in these little bite-sized segments.

Kristi: [00:21:33] Thank you so much.

Yong: [00:21:36] Well thank everybody for tuning in today. My name is Yong Pratt from Our Young Creators and we’ve had a wonderful conversation with Kristi Bridges, a brand new podcaster, whose podcast 1 Moment Wiser is now available on iTunes and many of your favorite listening platforms. I wish you all a wonderful day and we’ll catch you next time. Cheers, everybody!