I was recently interviewed by Ed Troxell of Ed Troxell Creative over on his Facebook Page. During the interview, we addressed the question, “How we can teach kids to be intentional with their use of technology and be of service to others?”

Check out the VIDEO of this interview below this post.

As of late, we’ve been really focusing in on niching down to really be of service to kids – helping them learn skills like podcasting and video on the devices they’re already using to share their voices to create more GOOD in the world.

Yes, we will continue to be of service to parents as well because, after all, THIS movement, this shift we’re creating together is one that can be shared by families.

We are bombarded every.single.day with hundreds if not thousands of pieces of media and a common theme woven across so much of it is focusing on the negative.

What if we could not only shift the paradigm from consumption on devices into creation but also shift the negative messaging to become more positive?

What if kids could be at the forefront of this massive shift by sharing the amazing things they are doing and creating in our world?

What if we could help kids take a stand for, document, and broadcast the changes and contributions they are making?

What would our future look like?

I can ONLY imagine.

I know that by leading the charge and opening doors to kids, showing them the possibilities that exist for them already, can only lead to MORE goodness in our future.

So if you’re with me and want to teach our kids to become intentional with their use of technology and use it to be of service to others, I invite you to watch this interview or listen to the podcast.

Once you’ve done that, be sure to get on our VIP waitlist for our fall session of Becoming a Podcast Family because harnessing technology starts with you. Ready to create awesomeness with your kiddos, hop on our Waitlist today.

And next week on the podcast, you’ll hear from one of our recent graduates of Becoming a Podcast Family and you won’t believe that positive changes that took place in this family in just 8 short weeks.

Until then, I wish you a day filled with wonder and celebrating the opportunities our kids have to become the changemakers in the world.