I was recently interviewed by a new #bizbestie, Kim White of My Sexy Business Team. We had a wonderful conversation about celebrating and showing up to the party [AKA your business].

Kim and I met inside of Tiffany Lee Bymaster’s Lights Camera Branding Season 5 Course and started connecting in April. It feels as though we’ve known one another for YEARS – one of the magical outcomes of using technology intentionally and using it to build real friendships.

One of the things that drew me to Kim was that she refers to herself as an “Oklahoma Princess married to a Texas Cowboy.” When I first heard her say this, I thought to myself, here’s a woman who is so sure in herself and is a wonderful storyteller. The confidence she has on camera attracted me to her immediately because it’s something I personally struggle with – having enough confidence to do the big, scary things my heart desires.

If you’re new to OYC, here’s something you may not know about me…for years, I avoided being center stage and showing others who I truly was. I didn’t know how to show up authentically, fearing that I’d share too much of myself. The reality was, I didn’t share enough. I hid behind my own business and preferred to shine the spotlight on others and would dismiss the compliments of others. As a result, my performing arts business soon began to “look” like the others popping up in my area – a commodity, if you will.

Once I started stepping into my own greatness (not in a braggy kind of way) and sharing my big mission with others, things started to change. At the time, I thought these changes (i.e. people leaving my business) were a bad thing. Looking back, I see them leaving as a blessing and did not happen by coincidence.

Everything happens for a reason.

Kim often refers to people being her “flavor.” And that’s exactly what happened. Those that didn’t like my flavor left and were replaced by others that were MY flavor and THIS has made all the difference.

It’s also the reason why I wanted to share this interview with you because I’m turning the tables on myself. After 133 episodes of the podcast, I’ve gotten comfortable being on the host end of interviews and being the driver. While I have been working on being more transparent, there’s nothing like being interviewed by someone else that exposes us as we truly are.

I’d love to know what you thought of this interview. Message me on FB or IG or comment below and let me know.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll have more interviews of me on other people’s podcasts and live streams so you can really get to know me, what we do here at OYC, and know that everything we do here is to be of service to all of you.

You can listen to the audio and/or watch the video interview below. Cheers!