Want to reinforce life (and academic) skills with your kiddo? Tune in to find out 3 (of the many, many more) lessons podcasting has in store for you.

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Hello everyone and happy Thursday!

I am thrilled to have you joining me here today and I appreciate you taking time out of your very busy day to join me live or to catch the replay. I don’t take that lightly and sincerely appreciate you for showing up.

Today, we are going to chat about podcasting and the life lessons that your kids can learn in the process with you. Now, these three skills also happen to be skills that your kids are learning in school.

Are you ready to find out what these 3 life and school-based skills are?

If so type, “I’m ready,” in the comments below and let me know. While you’re doing that, in case we haven’t already met, my name is Yong Pratt and I am a 17-year performing arts studio owner turned Chief Dreamer, Changemaker and Podcaster right here at Our Young Creators.

Here at Our Young Creators, it is our mission to help equip kids with real-world, marketable skills (like podcasting) so that they can go out and create their own brighter futures AND to fund those adventures in the process. And again I am thrilled you are here with me today.

At the end of our training today, I want to also share with you what’s happening on Saturday in a live virtual fashion and I’ll get to that in just a few moments.

So what are these three life skills or three academic skills that your kids can learn through podcasting?

Well, here they are: They are Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic. Yes – the very skills your kids are learning day to day from the moment they enter school are also skills that are going to be reinforced through the process of podcasting and creating a podcast with you.

Life and Academic Skills Through Podcasting - Episode 108 - Our Young CreatorsSo let’s start with reading.

How are reading and podcasting related?

Well for lots of different reasons depending on the level of reader your child is at, reading could entail reading reviews over on iTunes and sharing those with you. They could be about reading e-mails or questions that listeners get from your podcast. It could really be about reading about other related podcasts and other people who you may want to have as guests on the show. So reading is really an inherent process that happens in podcasting.

Number two. Writing.

This is a really huge part of podcasting. For me when I podcast I typically have a set of notes or a basic script on what I want to say. If I have a guest appearing on the show, I will share with that guest questions that I would like to ask. At all this is done in a written fashion. This is something that your kids can absolutely help you do and in the process of writing and editing they’re learning how to craft a better story; how paragraphs and sentences fit together in the writing process; and they can really reinforce the skills by being included in the writing, revision, and then the reaching out process that happens after you do an interview or if you do a solo episode. Lots of writing skills are involved.

Really podcasting is all about being a storyteller. So in the process of writing, using reading as well, and rewriting and revising they’re learning what it means to be a better storyteller and share their message with the world.

And number three is our arithmetic.

You may be thinking what does math (arithmetic) have to do with podcasting? And there are lots of numbers involved when it comes to podcasting. And again based on the level of your kids and where they are in the learning process of math, they may be learning to add, subtract, multiply or divide or be doing more intricate math processes. No matter where they are though, it’s really fun to teach our kids that numbers are important in life and in business

From the basics of knowing how many downloads you have. How many listeners we have out there. If you happen to take on sponsors for the show, being able to add up the revenue from those sponsors and what that means to your show’s production. Maybe you can talk about projecting – about what you think that value is. And as you take on more sponsors what their revenue versus profit is. As they get more advanced, you can really start talking about projecting and really making goals surrounding numbers. As your kids grow and leave your house they are going to need to know how to look at numbers and how to make some plans with the money and the numbers inside of their own life.

So through podcasting, our kids can learn about numbers, the importance of numbers not only for a podcast but what those numbers mean as they’re looking towards college as they’re looking towards maybe a year abroad, having a firm grasp of those numbers is really important. And podcasting is a fun sort of a game-like thing you can do with your kids to get them excited about numbers. Because I for one, for many many years, didn’t really want to address the numbers. I didn’t know really how good or bad the business was doing. I just sort of thought that I had a handle on it. But there are so many numbers involved in podcasting and in business in general. And if we can start our kids off at a very young age getting excited about the numbers and how to make those numbers grow and how to make their revenue grow, that my friends, is a skill they can carry with them throughout their lives.

So those are the three life skills, also 3 academic skills, that are wrapped up in this podcasting process. Of course, there are many many many many more life skills and benefits to podcasting with your kids or helping your kids to learn this process right alongside you that we don’t have time to dive in today.

If you have questions about any of these skills please leave me a comment and let me know what you have questions about and I’m happy to come back and answer them right here under this video.

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I’m so excited to be bringing you this masterclass. And as my co-host I’m actually going to have my daughter Daphne, my 11-year old, that has been working side by side with me on the backend of my business learning things like web design and graphic design. She’s going to be there with me. So if your kids have questions for her specifically please pop them in the comments below so that she can read through them and prepare for our time together. OK my friends, go grab a seat for the masterclass and I will see you on Saturday morning.