Want to get you kids off their devices? What if we could transform consumption time on devices into creation time with podcasting?

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107 - Want to get kids off their devices?


Hello everyone and happy Thursday. Have you ever wished you could stop bickering with your kids over how much time they’re spending on their devices? What have I told you it was possible to bond with your kids AND use technology to turn consumption time on their devices into creation time?

Well you’re in luck my friends because today we are chatting about this very topic. As you’re tuning in live, please say hi and let me know that you are here. And if you’re catching the replay please know I love my reply viewers and I will say hi right back to you.

If we haven’t met yet, my name is Yong Pratt and I’m a 17-year performing arts studio owner turned Chief Dreamer and Changemaker right here at Our Young Creators.

Here at Our Young Creators, we help parents and kids bond and create awesomeness together using technology.

If that sounds like something you would like to create type ME in the comments below and let me know.

Well I’m so glad you tuned in today because today’s topic is one of my favorites and I could talk about it all day long and also because we have a special guest today.

I hadn’t planned on having her as a guest today but her school conveniently had a professional development day for her teachers. So she’s been home with me since about 11 o’clock this morning.

And so without further ado I want to introduce someone who’s been sitting over here on the couch waiting to make her grand entrance.

Are you ready? Let’s give her a little drumroll.

Ok. Here she is. All right everyone, this is Daphne. This is my mini me and she’s going to be joining us for the rest of our time together today.

Daphne can you tell everyone hi?

[Daphne – hi]

Can you let everyone know how old you are?

[Daphne – I’m 11]

And why grade are you in? [Daphne – sixth grade].

Last fall Daphne and I set out on a little adventure together. You see Our Young Creators really was born out of this experiment. The experiment was to teach Daphne to take over the tasks that my then virtual assistant was doing, but not doing all that well.

So the challenge at hand was to turn Daphne at 11, into my virtual assistant doing a number of tasks.

Let me ask Daphne some questions so she can share with you what we’ve been creating together.

Are you ready?

Daphne what kinds of things do we do together?[Daphne – website stuff]

And what it what do we do on the website together?

What do you add there?

[Daphne – artwork]

Yes what else do you add there?

[Daphne – Words].

Words so you actually actually put together the pages right? Do you add any special things to those pages?.

[Daphne – audio]

Daphne takes the podcast and makes sure it goes onto the website.

And sometimes she even add something else. What does that?

[Daphne – quote cards]

And she adds some video like we’re creating today. So she’s able to take things we post over on YouTube and embed them into our website.

At 11 years old, she has this amazing skill set to be able to help us not only us create this business together but to really help other kids to learn that it’s absolutely possible for them to learn these skills and that these skills are ones they can use to actually PAY FOR COLLEGE; PAY FOR TRAVEL.

They’re really having that opportunity having this door open to another dimension as it were to learn how to create and formed their own life adventures no matter what those adventures are.

Daphne what’s the best thing about us working together?

[Daphne – snuggle].

We get to snuggle so as you can see we’re pretty snuggly pair. And often when we are working together we are working side by side usually in our PJ’s under a blanket and literally being able to bond over creating a website.

And she’s going to be helping with the podcast when it relaunches next month on Valentine’s Day.

You’re going to hear a lot more from Daphne so I wanted to have her on because THIS what we do together is absolutely possible for all of you.

Now for some reason I’m not able to see any comments so if you’re leaving a comment and I’m not seeing it please know that I will answer any comments or any questions that you have for either myself or for Daphne.

And maybe your kids even have questions for Daphne and I invite them to leave comments below as well and we’ll make sure that we sit down together to answer those.

One of the things that I would love to help all of you parents create is a podcast. Now there’s lots of reasons why a podcast versus other things like a website or or anything else.

A podcast I think is one of the easiest things you can create together with your kids. Now on past lives I’ve shared ways to find topics for your podcast. You know time frames what it looks like in your actual schedule of how much time it might take your family and I’ll leave links to those videos down below.

The biggest reason why podcasting my I’m such a proponent of it is that – it’s kind of like a giant scrapbook. Instead of all of your photos being in pages that are stored on shelves or the scrapbook that I have which is my phone in the thousands of pictures that I take on it just storing my phone and nobody else gets to really enjoy those.

A podcast is something you can create together with your kids. You can talk about all manner of topics and you can really document the ages and stages your kids go through.

Not only will you have some video and audio content of them speaking and seeing what they look like but really being able to track their milestones and track when their voice changes and track when they start using bigger vocabulary words.

Literally you could record podcasts of stories you create together at bedtime and then you’re actually taking these stories these creations with your kids or even your whole family and letting others enjoy. that as well.

And honestly having a podcast and doing it with your kids is a legacy you’re leaving for them. It is going to live on past when we’re blessed to be here on this on this planet. So you will always be there for them to hear your voice – to see your face – to remember the times that you snuggled up together and got to create awesomeness together.

So my friends as we wrap up, if this notion of bonding with your kids and creating on technology rather than bickering with them to get off their devices is appealing to you, I invite you to grab our free guide and you get that at the bit.ly link:


When you grab this guide that Daphne helped me to create, you also get to save your seat to our next masterclass designed for the family.

Now we hosted our first joint masterclass together last Saturday and it was a blast!

We were literally in our pajamas the night before laughing and cracking up because what Daphne had created in the slideshow presentation was hilarious and so as she said it was like we are creating “scrapbook worthy memories” and that my friends is exactly what podcasting with your kids can provide you.

So head over to bit.ly/podcastwithkids to grab the guide plus a seat in the upcoming masterclass which is going to take place on [NEXT CLASS = Saturday, March 24 at 9:30 AM PST] so that the entire family can join in on the fun! Grab my seat!

All right my friends thank you for sticking with us today and learning about bonding with your kids, using a podcast, not bickering, and creating something amazing together I will catch you next week.